Articles by David J. Kramer

The West Should Cripple Russia With Sanctions

If Putin is allowed to get away with his attacks on Ukraine, U.S. credibility will be damaged.

Obama Raises the Stakes of Putin's Repression

While Putin demonizes the U.S., he also craves the prestige that meetings with Obama provide him.

The Magnitsky Act Needs to Be Strengthened

Donilon should stress in Moscow that Obama stands firmly behind the Magnitsky Act.

Russians Are Afraid Ц and for Good Reason

In Putin's system, foreigners are the enemy and Russians are potential collaborators. Both have to be controlled.

Obama Must Take On Putin

Since the summer, we have seen President Vladimir Putin take the first two steps in his campaign to destroy Russian civil society. The first came when he signed legislation requiring Russian nongovernmental organizations that engage in what authorities consider "political activities" and that receive foreign funding be branded as "foreign agents."

Medvedev Is No Democrat

Those who hoped that President Dmitry Medvedev would lead Russia to a more democratic, Western-friendly future have found themselves less than fulfilled. It was Medvedev who supported the State Duma bill widening the FSB's intimidation powers.

U.S. Acted Too Hastily in Spy Swap

The U.S. could have bargained for more than just four convicted spies; it could have also gotten much more information out of the 10 agents.

Putin Is MedvedevТs Biggest Spoiler

Putin, who likes to pull the carpet from under Medvedev, has an objective: to deprive the president of victories.

American Aid to Russia