Articles by Eric Auchard

Google Strikes Ads Deal With eBay

  • 29 August 06
  • Reuters
Google will supply eBay with web-search advertising outside the United States, and the two will join forces on click-to-call ads that link online shoppers to customer service operators, the companies said on Monday.

Google on Trial Over Web Privacy

  • 15 March 06
  • Reuters
Google faces off against the U.S. Justice Department in federal court on Tuesday as the Internet company seeks to quash a subpoena for search data, including millions of user queries, in a battle over privacy issues on the Web.

U.S. Library Kicks Off World Digital Project

  • 23 November 05
  • Reuters
The U.S. Library of Congress is kicking off a campaign on Tuesday to work with other nations' libraries to build a World Digital Library, starting with a $3 million donation from Google.

Google, Sun Take On Bill Gates

  • 06 October 05
  • Reuters
Google will promote Sun Microsystems' word processing and office software products in an alliance announced on Tuesday that could mark a first step toward challenging Microsoft's dominance of computer users' desktops.

IBM Sells PC Unit to Chinese for $1.25Bln

  • 09 December 04
  • Reuters
IBM is selling its PC-making business to China's largest personal computer company, Lenovo Group, for $1.25 billion, marking the U.S. firm's retreat from an industry it helped pioneer in 1981.

Case Leaves AOL Time Warner

  • 14 January 03
  • Reuters
Steve Case resigned as chairman of AOL Time Warner Inc., the company said Sunday, as the Internet visionary succumbed to scathing criticism that the record media merger he helped to engineer was a failure.

Hackers Team Up to Crack Net Censorship

  • 16 July 02
  • Reuters
Some of the world's best-known hackers unveiled a plan this weekend to offer free software to promote anonymous web surfing in countries where the Internet is censored.

AOL, Time Warner to Merge in $190Bln Deal

Compaq Unveils $499 Web-Access PC

Computer Dinosaurs Die With Niches

AT&T, Rosnet Forming Joint Venture

IBM Updates OS/2 To Take on Microsoft

NEW YORK -- The U.S. computer firm IBM has launched a major upgrade of its OS/2 operating system, hoping to buttress its lagging position in the PC software market by beating a rival system from Microsoft Corp. by several months. International Business Machines Corp. is hoping to capture the interest in Microsoft's much-anticipated and long-delayed ""Chicago"" version of its Windows software. The Microsoft upgrade is not due until next spring. IBM hopes to entice users to ""OS/2 Warp"" -- an enhanced version of its 32-bit operating system that is theoretically twice as fast as the 16-bit systems used in current Windows software. ""Warp,"" a reference to the software system's speed, was borrowed from the television series ""Star Trek."" To underline the point, the computer giant even unveiled the program at a Broadway theater with members of the cast. But IBM has a long haul ahead, since Microsoft has in recent years signed up Windows users at roughly 10 times the pace of IBM.