Articles by Elaine Monaghan

Powell: Two Sides Closer to Firm Deal

  • 11 December 01
  • Reuters
Russia and the United States are aiming to reach a new strategic arms agreement by the middle of 2002.

Washington to Ask Moscow About Georgia Attacks

  • 30 November 01
  • Reuters
The United States said it was deeply concerned about helicopter attacks from Russian soil on Georgia.

Ex-Bodyguard Calls Kuchma Tapes Real

  • 27 June 01
  • Reuters
The Ukrainian presidential bodyguard who accused President Kuchma has come out to defend his name.

Ivanov to Meet Powell in Cairo

  • 14 February 01
  • Reuters
Russia and the United States said Tuesday they would soon hold their first high-level meeting since President George W. Bush took office, with global security, nuclear threats and plans for a U.S. missile shield topping the agenda.

U.S. Wants Ukraine Probe on Vanished Journalist

  • 10 January 01
  • Reuters
The United States wants Ukraine to conduct a ""speedy and transparent"" investigation into the disappearance of a leading journalist, a U.S. official said Tuesday.

Arms Talks Remain For Next U.S. President

  • 01 December 00
  • Reuters
The United States and Russia kept arms control talks alive Thursday, seeking to ensure continuity in one of the world's most important foreign policy dialogues despite the delay in naming the next U.S. president.

U.S. and Russia Will Discuss Missiles

  • 29 November 00
  • Reuters
Top U.S. and Russian officials will meet in Washington this week to discuss arms control and probe Moscow's intentions on arms sales to Iran, a U.S. official said Tuesday.

Russia and U.S. to Talks About Iran Arms

  • 28 November 00
  • Reuters
U.S. officials will travel to Moscow next week to discuss Russia's plan to break an agreement barring the sale of conventional arms to Iran, State Department spokesman Philip Reeker said Monday.

Russia Urged To Provide Safe Haven For Milosevic

  • 28 September 00
  • Reuters
Former Yugoslav prime minister Milan Panic urged Russia to give Slobodan Milosevic temporary refuge.

Pushkin Declared Ambassador to U.S.

  • 22 September 00
  • Reuters
The 19th century poet Alexander Pushkin has made a pilgrimage he never made in life to the New World.

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