Articles by Martin Cowley

Northern Ireland Gets Peace Deal at Last

IRA Denies Talk of Rift In the Ranks

Sworn Irish Enemies Meet to Talk of Peace

Unionists, Sinn Fein Face Off at Talks

Unionists Ask to Join Irish Talks

IRA States Refusal to Give Up Weapons

Britain Invites Sinn Fein to the Table

Murders Spark New Pressure For IRA to Halt the Violence

Sinn Fein Left Out as Peace Talks Start

Minister Challenges Sinn Fein On Terror

IRA Stumps for Symbolic Victory

Discovery Foils IRA Jailbreak

Britain Decries Bombing

Protestants Press Britain To Allow Annual Parade

Belfast Riot Raises Fears Of Return To Violence

IRA Vows to Fight On Against Britain

Ulster Protestant Leader Says IRA Will Not Renew Truce

Sinn Fein Chief Barred, Unionists Balk at Talks

Guerrilla-Style Killings Imperil Irish Cease-Fire

Arms Issue Snags Irish Talks Again

U.K. Eases Jail Terms In Ireland

Secret Irish Meeting Draws Protestant Ire

Loyalist Marches Stir Belfast Violence

Freed British Soldier Sparks Irish Outrage

Top British Minister Set to Meet Adams

Britain Set To Pull Out 700 Troops From Ulster

Britain Scales Back Soldiers in Belfast

Major Opens Door To Sinn Fein Talks