Articles by Sean Maguire

Cheering, Looting as Baghdad Falls

  • 10 April 03
  • Reuters
Saddam Hussein's rule over Iraq crumbled on Wednesday as U.S. forces took control of Baghdad and toppled a huge statue of the man who towered over the country for 24 years.

Polish Station Preaches Against EU

  • 20 December 01
  • Reuters
Anyone who suspects Poland is about to sacrifice its soul to Brussels little more than a decade after winning it back from Moscow is probably a regular listener to Radio Maryja.

Floating Zloty Keeps Even Keel

'Made in Poland' Tags Stigma Hurts Exports

Bonds Aid Financing of Oil Projects

Opposition Triumphs, Romanians Oust Iliescu

Romania's Iliescu Will Run in Polls

War's 'Romeo and Juliet' Brought to Final Graves

NATO Troops Seize Airfield in Show of Force

French Forces Secure Sarajevo Utility Sites

Serbs Back Off Scorched-Earth Evacuation Plan

Serbs Back Off Scorched-Earth Evacuation Plan

NATO Calls Attack Work of 'Terrorist'

Serb Captives Freed, Slam NATO Troops

Factions Set to Leave Sarajevo Front

Milosevic Agreement Hailed as 'Breakthrough'

Croats Attacked, Western Rift Grows

Croats Sweep Through Serb-Held Land

Victorious Serbs Expel Moslems From Enclave

UN: Air Strikes Decision Leaves Sarajevo Vulnerable

UN, Bosnia Clash on Cease-Fire

Serbs Attack Bihac in Air Missile Raid