Articles by Jane Macartney

Defiant Pakistan Draws Line in Sand

  • 14 January 02
  • Reuters
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf rejected all forms of terrorism and cracked down on violent Muslim militant groups Saturday while telling India it was time to talk, although his troops were ready for war.

Taliban Leader Cloaked in Secrecy

  • 20 September 01
  • Reuters
He is the most secretive leader in the world. Not even a photograph of Afghanistan's Mullah Mohammad Omar exists.

Kazakhstan-China Oil Route May Prove to Be a Pipe Dream

Islam Grows in China Border Region

China Stands Firm on '89 Crackdown

China Allows Prosecution of Former Party Boss

Airbus Hopes to Sell China 75 Planes

Seoul Goes on Alert In Defector Standoff

China Leaders Curtail Trips, Deng Rumored Ill

China Touts Its New Russian Alliance

Wage Rates Divide WTO Conference

Verdict Shows A Tightening Grip by Beijing

China Offers Big Breaks in Tibet

China Warns Over Lama Meeting

China Battles to Hold Yangtze Behind Dykes

Southeast China Floods Recede, Leave 237 Dead

China's Nuclear Explosion Most Likely Not the Last

China Maintains Silence Over Grim Anniversary

'Love Fest' Conceals Concerns, Analysts Say

China's Poor Are Fewer, But 65 Million Remain

Five-Year Plan Forecasts Stable, Wealthy China

China Mad For Foreign Chocolate

China Hints At Boycott Of Atlanta Olympics

Quake Rocks Southwest China

China Curbs Market Data Flow

China's Latest Nuclear Test Stirs World Fury

China: Free Dissident, Family Says

Academics Challenge Leadership In China

DNA Discovery Brings Dinosaurs One Step Closer

China's Activists Petition Congress on Detentions