Articles by Karin Laub

An Old Tree and a Bid for Tourists

  • 05 October 10
  • The Associated Press
A gnarled sycamore near Jericho's main square has long been touted as the very tree that the hated tax collector climbed to get a glimpse of Jesus. Now it's taking center stage in a Russian-backed plan to transform this ancient desert backwater into a tourism hub.

Rice in Mideast to Spearhead Talks

  • 21 September 07
  • The Associated Press
An upcoming U.S.-sponsored Middle East conference must be substantive, and Israel and the Palestinians should draft a document beforehand that lays the foundation for serious peace talks, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday, after meeting Palestinian leaders.

Bank Decries Palestinian Immobility

  • 11 May 07
  • The Associated Press
The Palestinian economy cannot recover unless Israel dismantles a network of obstacles that has carved the West Bank into a dozen enclaves and restricted Palestinian access to more than half the territory, the World Bank said in an exceptionally harsh report.

EU Ready to Promote Mideast Talks

  • 02 April 07
  • The Associated Press
In her first Middle East trip as EU president, German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered Europe's help in bringing Israel and the Palestinians to the negotiating table, trying to build on a new burst of international efforts to restart peace talks.

Abbas, Hamas Hit Dead End

  • 01 December 06
  • The Associated Press
Abbas may dismiss the Hamas government or request a referendum on holding early elections.

Muslims Observe Holy Month

  • 17 October 06
  • The Associated Press
The boom of a cannon and the wail of a muezzin signaled the end of the day's fast and thousands of worshipers at one of Islam's holiest shrines tucked into their dinner.

Israel Expands Offensive in Lebanon

  • 10 August 06
  • The Associated Press
The Israeli Security Cabinet decides to send more troops despite international criticism.

Israel's Leaders Blame Hamas Over Bombing

  • 19 April 06
  • The Associated Press
Israel's leaders on Tuesday held the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority responsible for the deadliest suicide bombing in 20 months, but stopped short of branding it an ""enemy entity"" or ordering a large-scale military operation.

Palestinians Head to Polls in Historic Elections

  • 26 January 06
  • The Associated Press
Abbas' Fatah Party competes with the militant group Hamas in a close parliamentary race.

Cave Linked to John the Baptist

  • 19 August 04
  • The Associated Press
Archaeologists said they have found a cave where they believe John the Baptist baptized many of his disciples -- a huge cistern with 28 steps leading to an underground pool of water.

Israel Steps Up Targeted Killings Policy

  • 17 March 04
  • The Associated Press
Israeli helicopters fired missiles at a building and two cars in Gaza City on Tuesday, just hours after the Security Cabinet approved an army plan to intensify targeted killings of Palestinian militants, including leaders, and send more troops into the Gaza Strip for ground operations, according to a security official.

Israel Hits Gaza in Reply to Port Attack

  • 16 March 04
  • The Associated Press
Israeli helicopters attacked two suspected Hamas weapons workshops in Gaza City early Monday and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called off a summit with his Palestinian counterpart -- a first response to a double suicide bombing that killed 10 Israelis in a heavily guarded Israeli seaport.

Israel Arrests 130 Palestinians in Sweep

  • 25 June 03
  • The Associated Press
Targeting Hamas, Israel arrested more than 130 Palestinians in the West Bank city of Hebron on Tuesday and charged leaders of the Islamic Movement, the largest political organization among Israeli Arabs, with funneling $6.8 million to the group.

Palestinian Power Games Threaten Road to Peace

  • 23 April 03
  • The Associated Press
Yasser Arafat and his prime minister-designate, Mahmoud Abbas, clung to their positions Tuesday in a bitter dispute over whom to name security chief, raising the possibility that Abbas will fail to form a Cabinet and resign.

Passover Bombing Kills 20 in Israel

  • 29 March 02
  • The Associated Press
Israel said Thursday it would exercise its right to self defense, but stopped short of formally abandoning U.S.-backed truce efforts following a Palestinian suicide bombing in a hotel banquet hall that killed 20 diners and wounded more than 130 during a festive Passover seder, the ritual meal ushering in the weeklong Jewish holiday.

Mideast Cycle of Violence Intensifies

  • 06 March 02
  • The Associated Press
In consecutive attacks early Tuesday, a Palestinian man opened fire on a crowded Tel Aviv nightclub, a suicide bomber blew himself up on an Israeli bus and gunmen ambushed Israeli motorists in the West Bank.

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