Articles by John Chalmers

Dutch 'No' Vote Forces Debate on EU's Future

  • 03 June 05
  • Reuters
After over 60 percent of Dutch voters reject the EU Constitution, the bloc's leaders urge member states to press on with ratification.

Solana Doubts Poll Timetable

  • 09 November 04
  • Reuters
EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, questioning the Western and Iraqi government line, said on Monday there was little prospect of Iraq holding national elections on time in January because of deteriorating security.

NATO Split on Afghan Force

  • 30 June 04
  • Reuters
Afghan President Hamid Karzai pressed NATO on Tuesday to rush troops to his country to secure September elections, embarrassing alliance members reluctant to provide the forces for the mission.

NATO in a Dilemma Over Belarus and Ukraine

  • 13 November 02
  • Reuters
NATO is in a dilemma about the possibility the presidents of Ukraine and Belarus will gatecrash an alliance summit in Prague next week, despite warnings they would not be welcome.

Ivanov: Georgia Bigger Risk Than Iraq

  • 26 September 02
  • Reuters
While the U.S. enlisted support Wednesday from NATO allies on the threat posed by Iraq, Russia said it was more at risk from rebels based in Georgia than from Baghdad.

NATO-Russia Council Spars Over Baltic States

  • 23 September 02
  • Reuters
Moscow is insisting that the Baltic states commit to a landmark treaty limiting conventional forces in Europe before joining NATO.

NATO-Russia Get Down to Work

  • 10 June 02
  • Reuters
NATO and Russia got down to the business of cooperating against new security threats after weeks of diplomatic hoop-la over the partnership between the former Cold War foes.

Russia to Get Bigger Voice in NATO

  • 14 May 02
  • Reuters
On Tuesday NATO and Russia will seek to put decades of enmity and distrust behind them and setting up a new forum for cooperation on security threats.

NATO's Talks With Moscow Hit a Snag

  • 18 March 02
  • Reuters
Talks between Russia and NATO for a new joint council have run into difficulties, with Moscow pushing for a robust relationship that could challenge the very nature of the 53-year-old defense alliance.

NATO Backtracks on Russian Veto

  • 07 December 01
  • Reuters
The 19-nation alliance appears to have cooled its intentions for a closer realtionship with Russia.

NATO Chief Flies In to Discuss Ties

  • 22 November 01
  • Reuters
NATO's Secretary-General is exploring the idea of new ties between the alliance and Russia.

Vietnam Takes a Small Step Toward First Stock Exchange

Thai Plan Papers Over Growing Finance Crack

Insurer Pitches Life in Vietnam Market

Vietnamese Party Opts For Elders, Stability

Chinese Wargames Drive Out Islanders

billboard police help 'preserve' hanoi

French Strike Weakens After State Concessions

No Exit: French Seek Psychiatric Help for Strike Stress

Juppe's New Cabinet Vows to Fight Deficit

PARIS -- French Prime Minister Alain Juppe's new and leaner cabinet went straight to work Wednesday, pledging a fresh assault on burgeoning public deficits to bring interest rate cuts and generate jobs. Chairing a first meeting of the government, which was announced Tuesday, President Jacques Chirac reaffirmed his new policy stance of putting fiscal rigor first. ""We will not be able to fight unemployment if we do not fight very strongly against the deficit and debt,"" the Gaullist president told the cabinet. On Tuesday, Chirac and Juppe named a new, streamlined cabinet, reducing its membership to 32 from an unwieldy 41 while maintaining the same ministers at the head of key departments, including foreign affairs, justice, defense and education. Eight women were ousted in the reshuffle. The changes ended the shortest-lived cabinet in the 37-year history of the Fifth Republic less than six months after it was appointed in the wake of Chirac's election.

France, Undaunted, Detonates No. 2

Balladur Is Lowest Risk, Says Market-Watch Poll

OECD: Economies Are Healthy