Articles by Tom Hays

New York Suspect Dubbed Femme Fatale

  • 01 July 10
  • The Associated Press
U.S. authorities claim that 28-year-old Chapman was a savvy Russian secret agent who worked with a network of other operatives before an FBI undercover agent lured her into an elaborate trap at a coffee shop in lower Manhattan.

A Tale of Wireless Transmissions, Invisible Ink

  • 30 June 10
  • The Associated Press
An assistant U.S. attorney, speaking in federal court in Manhattan, called the allegations against 10 people living in the northeastern United States "the tip of the iceberg" of a conspiracy of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service to collect inside U.S. information.

Hacker Caught in Bush Buddy Scam

  • 20 August 07
  • The Associated Press
A Russian con artist posing as a billionaire pal of George W. Bush ordered a new checkbook from the U.S. president's friend's bank account and wrote a $7 million check for a pile of gold, U.S. authorities said.

Mobsters Branch Out to Internet Porn Sites

  • 04 June 03
  • The Associated Press
In the late 1990s, Richard Martino and other investors made a killing by peddling pornography on the Internet. The problem, U.S. federal prosecutors say, was twofold: Customers' credit cards were billed without their permission, and millions of dollars went to the mob.

Russian Suspected of Fixing Olympics

  • 01 August 02
  • The Associated Press
An alleged Russian crime boss was arrested in Italy on U.S. charges he tried to fix the pairs and ice dancing figure skating competitions at the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Borodin Agrees to Go to Switzerland

  • 03 April 01
  • The Associated Press
Pavel Borodin agreed Monday to be extradited to Switzerland to face charges that he laundered $30 million in kickbacks from Swiss companies that renovated Kremlin buildings.

U.S. Judge Denies Bail For Borodin

  • 26 January 01
  • The Associated Press
A federal judge denied bail Thursday for a high-ranking Russian official arrested by the FBI last week on a Swiss warrant alleging he laundered multimillion-dollar kickbacks from Swiss companies that renovated Kremlin buildings.

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