Articles by Chris Bird

NATO Chief Makes 'Symbolic' Ukraine Visit

Kiev Rushes to Finish Facelift Before Europe's Bankers Arrive

Left, Independents Lead Ukrainian Poll

Ukraine Still Feels Grasp Of Jealous Russian Bear

Belarus Growth a Question of Statistics

Moldova Posts No '97 Growth, Holds No Prospects for Change

Kazakhs Raise Flag Over New Capital

Kazakhstan, China Sign $9Bln Deal

Uneasy Peace Returns To Valley in Tajikistan

Tajik Combatants See Peace Vanish in Smoke

Presidential Forces Hit Back in Tajikistan

Generals Predict Reforms Will Destroy the Military

Tajiks Sign Historic Pact to End War

Kazakhs, Chinese Sign $4Bln Oil Deal

Kazakhstan Telecoms To Daewoo

Kazakh Flip-Flop Worries Investors

Doubts Cloud Tajik Peace Agreement

Oil Barons Fear Kazakh Sell-Off

Battle Rages for Caspian Oil Reserves

Kazakh-Deutsche Telekom Deal Off

Ousted Kazakh Banker Vows To Rally Securities in New Post

Plan to Move Kazakh Capital Draws Scorn

Leaders Hope Synagogue To Anchor Almaty's Jews

Gulag Memorial Unveiled

Tajik Mutineer Turns to Target Rebels

Promises and Poverty Meet On Georgia Campaign Trail

Wily Georgian Warlord Battles On

Georgia Arrests Mkhedrioni Aide

Shevardnadze Injured by Car Bomb

Georgia Readies for 'Match of Century'