Articles by Michael Perry

Australian Republic Unlikely While Elizabeth Still Queen

  • 29 January 08
  • Reuters
Britain's Queen Elizabeth, Australia's head-of-state, must die or abdicate before Australia can become a republic, said one of the country's leading politicians and former head of the republican movement.

Pop Diva Minogue Has Breast Cancer

  • 19 May 05
  • Reuters
Australians from all walks of life, from the prime minister to radio jockeys to schoolgirls, rallied for pop diva Kylie Minogue on Wednesday as she prepared to be hospitalized to fight breast cancer.

Australian Leader Rides War Fever

  • 22 October 01
  • Reuters
U.S. President George W. Bush may be calling on Americans to stay calm as he wages a ""war on terrorism,"" but Australian political leaders are happily riding a wave of war fever ahead of a general election.

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