Articles by Artyom Danielyan

MICEX Hits Record After Yukos Auction

  • 07 May 07
  • Reuters
Volumes of ruble/dollar trade on MICEX hit a record $11.2 billion Friday, a day after Rosneft bought the east Siberian assets of bankrupt oil company Yukos.

Boom in IPOs Risking Inflation

  • 16 April 07
  • Reuters
A boom in public share offerings is fraught with inflationary risks, but poses no threat to the stability of the currency market, a senior Central Bank official said Friday.

Ruble Up as Central Bank Targets Prices

  • 09 February 07
  • Reuters
The Central Bank allowed the ruble to strengthen 0.5 percent Thursday in what analysts called a pre-emptive strike against inflation likely to be stoked by pre-election government spending.

Central Bank Worries About Capital Inflows

  • 30 November 06
  • Reuters
Ulyukayev says inflows may reach $25 billion this year, up from $1 billion in 2005.

Central Bank Turns to the Yen

  • 17 October 06
  • Reuters
The bank may also add the Australian and Canadian dollars and the Swiss franc to its reserves.

Central Banker Calls 35 Banks 'Problematic'

  • 11 October 06
  • Reuters
About 35 banks registered in the Moscow region are ""problematic"" and under close watch, a senior Central Bank official said Tuesday, one month after the assassination of chief banking supervisor Andrei Kozlov.

Interest Rates Hiked 3rd Time This Year

  • 07 August 06
  • Reuters
The Central Bank raised its short-term interest rates by a half-point Friday, taking advantage of tightening global monetary conditions to try and curb inflationary money supply growth.

Currency Controls to Be Scrapped

  • 31 May 06
  • Reuters
The Central Bank said on Tuesday that it would scrap currency reserve requirements and special accounts on July 1 in a further step toward Russia's goal of making the ruble fully convertible.

Economists Upbeat on '06 Outlook

  • 30 December 05
  • Reuters
Russia's economic outlook was brighter than expected but the chances of the government meeting its 8.5 percent inflation target for 2006 are slim, a Reuters survey of economists shows.

Market Scents Ruble Bond Rally

  • 11 August 05
  • Reuters
Investors are homing in on the potential rewards of Russia's ruble-denominated treasury bonds, seven years after the government defaulted on $40 billion in domestic debt, analysts say.

CB: Currency Basket Is Only for Daily Dealings

  • 14 February 05
  • Reuters
Russia's new dual currency basket is designed to guide intraday trade and should not be used to predict the ruble's longer-term exchange rate, Deputy Central Bank Chairman Konstantin Korishchenko said Friday.

Central Bank Targets Currency Speculators

  • 07 September 04
  • Reuters
Russian money market rates will take their lead from abroad and hold above recent near-zero levels, making it harder to short-sell the ruble, Central Bank Deputy Chairman Konstantin Korishchenko said Monday.

Bond Market to Bloom Over Next Few Months

  • 14 April 03
  • Reuters
The country's corporate bond market is in for a new issuance boom in the second quarter with new issuers likely to pay low interest rates due to high ruble liquidity, analysts said Friday.

Industrial Production Growth Slows

  • 21 May 02
  • Reuters
Industrial production growth slowed in the first four months of 2002, according to preliminary figures, but the head of the State Statistics Committee said the trend for major indicators was still positive.

Central Bank Halves Key Deposit Rates

  • 29 April 02
  • Reuters
The Central Bank slashed its key deposit rates Saturday in a move analysts said was aimed at improving money market liquidity, halting the ruble's appreciation and reducing the cost of domestic treasuries.

Ruble Sinks To 30.30 in New Low

  • 18 December 01
  • Reuters
Efforts to tighten up a sliding ruble failed on Monday as the Russian currency continued to hit new lows.

Future Hazy for Booming Bonds

  • 26 September 01
  • Reuters
Analysts say government action will insure the future of Russia's booming corporate bonds market.

New Forex Rules Not Seen Hurting Reserves

  • 01 August 01
  • Reuters
The reduction in exchange obligations is not expected to have a major impact on the forex market.

Ruble Hits Record Low After Warning

  • 20 April 01
  • Reuters
The ruble fell to an all-time low against the dollar Thursday after the Central Bank chief suggested higher than expected inflation could influence the currency's rate.

State Rejects Higher Spending

  • 26 September 00
  • Reuters
The Russian government vowed Monday to stand by its 1.2 trillion ruble draft budget for 2001.

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