Articles by Liam Halligan

Worst Corporate Governance Case Since Yukos

A week ago during the VTB investment conference titled УRussia Calling!Ф our colleague Alexander Branis questioned Prime Minister Vladimir Putin about a corporate governance dispute that is arguably the most serious since the Yukos affair.

A Warning to Potential Investors

The government just approved the sell-off of an estimated $29 billion in state assets. But investors beware, a major investment company warns. RussiaТs legal system has made little progress, as illustrated by a case unfolding at Prosperity Capital Management.

Food Quotas: A WTO Gambit?

The Trials of Bank Supervision

Market Blase at Yeltsin Victory

So, it happened, He won. The political doubt has vanished, or a chunk of it, anyway. So where's the stock-market boom? Where's the wall of money? Where are the scores of institutional investors who said they would pile into Russia the moment President Boris Yeltsin was re-elected? On Thursday, the day after Yeltsin beat Gennady Zyuganov, Russian equity investors were given a lesson in how to play a volatile stock market. Bleary-eyed after a late-night TV vigil, Muscovite traders were met at work with a barrage of calls from Russian clients to buy anything even remotely resembling a domestic stock. The word was that once Western Europe arrived at work two or three hours later, serious money would move into Russia's tiny equity market, pushing prices ""to the moon,"" in the words of one trader. As London and Paris were commuting, Moscow's midmorning buying frenzy hiked the most liquid corporate and second-tier securities 15 percent. But the Western money was unimpressed.

Currency Future Market Stalled

The Election's Financial Fallout

Article VIII: Boldness or Bluff?

Programmed for Fiscal Disaster

Tax Shortfall Threatens Budget

Export Boom Despite Corridor

Loan Haggling: No End in Sight

Import Goods or 'Go Native'?

Firms Seeking Help, Not Hype

ADRs: Recovery by Remote?

Taking Polls Into Living Rooms

Strikes Rare in Labor Transition

New Tigers Corner Russia's Ringmaster

Capital Flight: Getting Rubles Back to Russia

Banks Are For Banking

Upper Hand in the Upper House?

Insider Banks Rebuild the Soviet Monopolies

Privatization According to Sachs

Turn-of-Year Blues Turn Serious

New Tax Code? Don't Bet on It

Land-Reform Fight About Votes

Insuring Depositors' Riches

Chubais: Still a Shrewd Operator

GKO Conundrum for Dubinin

Inflation: Reformers' Secret Card