Articles by David Lawsky

Microsoft Loses Big in European Court

  • 18 September 07
  • Reuters
Microsoft suffered a stunning defeat Monday, when an EU court backed a European Commission ruling that the U.S. software giant abused its power to crush competitors.

EU Weighs Microsoft's Last-Minute Proposals

  • 02 June 05
  • Reuters
Antitrust authorities are sifting through Microsoft's final proposal to comply with a European Commission decision, which the software giant submitted near a midnight deadline, a commission spokesman said Wednesday.

EU Microsoft Sanctions to Stay

  • 23 December 04
  • Reuters
Microsoft Corporation lost a European Union court appeal on Wednesday against sanctions imposed by EU regulators that will force it to change business practices and sell a stripped-down version of Windows.

Coca-Cola Agrees to Share Its Fridges

  • 21 October 04
  • Reuters
Coca-Cola reached an agreement with the European Commission on Tuesday to settle a five-year antitrust case that accused the world's biggest soft drinks maker of unfairly shutting out competitors.

Brussels Suspends Its Sanctions on Microsoft

  • 29 June 04
  • Reuters
The European Commission has temporarily suspended an order requiring Microsoft to sell a version of Windows without media player software, just before it would have taken effect, a source familiar with the situation said Sunday.

Microsoft Challenging Landmark EU Ruling

  • 08 June 04
  • Reuters
Microsoft Corp. says it will ask a European court this week to suspend parts of the European Commission's landmark decision that ordered it to stop business practices that violate antitrust law.

EU Merger Boss Fights to Restore Credibility

  • 28 October 02
  • Reuters
EU merger chief Mario Monti vowed Friday to restore his credibility after a top European court threw out a ban on Tetra Laval's bid for French bottle maker Sidel in a second crushing reversal this week.

EC Hits Pill Cartel With $750M Fine

  • 23 November 01
  • Reuters
The European Commission delivered a bitter pill to the world's top vitamin makers Wednesday, ordering them to pay a record 855 million euros ($750 million) in fines for operating a price-fixing cartel.

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