Articles by Benjamin Kang Lim

Tibetan Rioting Spreads Into China

  • 17 March 08
  • and Chris Buckley
Rioting erupted in a Chinese province neighboring Tibet on Sunday, two days after violent protests by Tibetans against Chinese rule in Lhasa that the region's exiled representatives say killed 80 people and injured over 70.

China's Pressure on NGOs Makes AIDS Activist Quit

  • 08 February 06
  • Reuters
China's crackdown on domestic nongovernmental organizations has forced an AIDS activist to quit the group he set up after international funding dried up and some volunteers resigned in the face of intimidation.

130 Chinese Miners Killed in Explosion

  • 29 November 05
  • Reuters
An explosion ripped through a state-owned mine in northeast China, killing 134 miners and trapping 15 underground, just days after Chinese leaders called for vigilance to prevent major accidents.

China Welcomes Astronauts Home

  • 18 October 05
  • Reuters
China's second manned spacecraft returned on Monday after orbiting the Earth for five days as a patriotic fervor gripped the nation and the media hailed the mission as a symbol of the country's technological prowess.

China, Japan Trying to Mend Fences

  • 25 April 05
  • Reuters
The leaders of China and Japan pulled relations between the Asian giants back from the brink at a weekend meeting, but analysts said bitter memories of Japan's wartime history and rivalry for influence will keep ties fragile.

Kim Jong Il in Beijing to Discuss Arms

  • 20 April 04
  • Reuters
Reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong Il arrived unannounced in Beijing on Monday and went straight into talks on his nuclear weapons ambitions after Washington urged Beijing to push to end the crisis.

Communists Go Capitalist to Preserve Rule

  • 16 March 04
  • Reuters
When communist China's parliament passed a landmark amendment to the constitution to protect private property on Sunday, the late U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles may have been smiling in the heavens.

Chinese Unveil a Rival to DVD

  • 19 November 03
  • Reuters
China, the world's biggest maker of DVD players, moved Tuesday to create its next-generation rival -- the EVD -- the first step towards creating a possible new national industry standard.

China Gambling on Manned Space Flight

  • 01 October 03
  • Reuters
Today, China is counting down the days to its first manned space launch and hoping to avoid the same fate as Wan Hu, thanks to advanced space technology.

Chinese Media Wall Falls Victim to SARS

  • 22 April 03
  • Reuters
China's state media reported a huge spike in SARS cases and the health minister and city's mayor were sacked for negligence.

China Reveals 12 More Deaths From Pneumonia

  • 03 April 03
  • Reuters
China revealed on Wednesday 12 more deaths and hundreds of new infections from a deadly flu-like virus that has caused global alarm and said the disease had been found in three more provinces.

Ex-Chinese Warlord Dies at 100

  • 16 October 01
  • Reuters
Former Chinese warlord Chang Hsueh-liang, who kidnapped Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek and changed the course of Chinese history, died in Hawaii on Monday, Taiwan and Chinese news agencies reported. He was 100.

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