Articles by Eric Talmadge

Sommelier Robot Can Sniff Through Bottles

  • 06 September 06
  • The Associated Press
The ability to discern good wine from bad, name the specific brand from a tiny sip and recommend a complementary cheese would seem to be about as human a skill as there is. In Japan, robots are doing it.

Afghan Parliament Is Inagurated

  • 20 December 05
  • The Associated Press
Afghanistan inaugurated its first popularly elected parliament in more than three decades Monday, a major step toward democracy following the ouster of the hard-line Taliban.

Scientists Observe Live Giant Squid

  • 29 September 05
  • The Associated Press
When a nearly 6-meter-long tentacle was hauled aboard his research ship, Tsunemi Kubodera knew he had something big.

Japan Finance Chief Axed in Cabinet Purge

  • 23 September 03
  • The Associated Press
Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi named a new Cabinet Monday, replacing several key members -- including his ailing finance minister -- in a bid to consolidate his power and breathe new life into his promises to turn around Japan's sickly economy.

Japan, China Jockey for Siberian Crude

  • 27 June 03
  • The Associated Press
For energy-hungry Japan, it would be a major coup -- a multibillion-dollar pipeline pumping at least 1 million barrels of oil a day out of Siberia to the Sea of Japan coast.

Japan Anxious for Siberian Energy

  • 13 January 03
  • The Associated Press
Hoping to open Siberia's vast oil reserves Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi wrapped up his four-day visit to Russia with a stopover in Khabarovsk on Sunday.

Kidnapped Japanese Finally Return Home

  • 16 October 02
  • The Associated Press
Tuesday's homecoming was tempered by concerns about the abductees' future and outrage over the deaths of eight others.

Mad Cow Fears Hit Japan's Beef Market

  • 29 October 01
  • The Associated Press
Hiromichi Murakami stands beside a glistening, 450-kilogram carcass that once was the Japanese cattle farmer's equivalent of gold -- a near perfect hunk of Matsusaka beef.

Mir's Fall From Orbit Has Japan Worried

  • 23 February 01
  • The Associated Press
When Russia brings the Mir space station down to Earth in March it may fall on a populous swath of Japan.

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