Articles by Elizabeth Owen

Turkey and Russia: History Fuels Rancor

  • 02 March 16
  • EurasiaNet
A long history of mutual enmity is exacerbating tension between Turkey and Russia. Leaders in both countries are apt to view their current hostilities through the prism of a bitterly contested imperial past.

Bumping Along 3,000 Kilometers

Testing Blood Pressure on the Go

State Evicts Zhirinovsky In Palace Gift About-Face

LDPR Draws Fire as New Tenant of Lavish Palace

LDPR Draws Fire as New Tenant of Lavish Palace

Police Chase False Alarms As City Security Tightens

Certificates to Battle Car Exhaust

Moscow's Sizzling, and It's Getting Hotter

Much-Maligned Post Office to Have Its Day

Report: U.S. Team Aided Yeltsin Win

Feared GAI Celebrates 60 Years on the Road

Vote Called Fair in General, Biased in Parts

Poll Observers Lambaste Media Bias

Media Make Mock Of Campaign Curb

City Album Glorifies The Mayor's Touch

Top Draw Missing At Massive Vote Rally

To the Cleanest Sweep Goes the Prize

Shops Get Hard Sell For Yeltsin

Reds Will Bring Moscow 'To Its Knees,' Papers Warn

Russian Love 'Threat' to U.S.

Moscow City Hall Takes On Home Insurance Venture

International Press Center to Close

Faberge Successor Revives Kin's Craft

Hard as it is to be shadowed through life by a famous ancestor, it's even harder to compete with an egg. Tatyana Faberge, great-granddaughter of Russian jeweler Carl Faberge, craftsman of the legendary Imperial Easter eggs, lives in the shadow of his creations. ""Everybody is into eggs. But I must tell you, there are other things in life,"" Faberg? said wryly. Jewelry, for instance. In a bid to revive Russian interest in creative jewelry, Faberge, herself a designer of jeweled boxes and picture frames, is setting up a foundation in Moscow that will work with students interested in becoming jewelers and serve as a place to exchange knowledge for professionals. The organization, tentatively named the Carl Faberge Memorial Foundation for the Revival of Russian Jewelry and Decorative Arts, has already set up talks with two schools in Moscow and St. Petersburg about training programs.

Observers Cite Irregularities But Declare Vote 'Accurate'

Election Observers Give Polls Stamp of Approval

Capital Votes for Yeltsin, Dachas

Casting Their Ballots, Candidates Ooze Ego

Rival Charges Luzhkov With Fund Misuse

Security Heightened In Election Run-Up