Articles by Liam Pleven

Tolyatti Grapples With HIV Surge Among Youth

  • 07 August 03
  • Newsday
The poster reads like the roster for a high school reunion, yet the top line explains why nobody named below -- Vovka, 27, Andryukha, 21, Tanya, 26 -- will ever make it to the party: ""They died from drugs.""

Plant Worker Takes Justice Into Own Hands

  • 31 July 02
  • Newsday
When Andrei Zakrasin found his hoard of rubles missing from its hiding place in a low, brick garage not far from his apartment, he took drastic steps to solve the crime.

Schools Teach Population Lesson

  • 05 June 02
  • Newsday
Natasha Glazyeva gives the correct answer to every math problem posed. When the subject is spelling, it is the same 8-year-old girl who gets called on each time. And when her teacher checks Natasha's homework in class, she pronounces it flawless.

Azerbaijan Still Waiting for 'Kuwaitization'

  • 17 May 02
  • Newsday
Earlier this year, out in the Caspian Sea to the north of this onetime oil boomtown, ExxonMobil abandoned a well it had spent five months drilling because it turned up dry.

Penza's Muslims Reviving Religious Life

  • 23 April 02
  • Newsday
Russia has long had a large Muslim population, whose roots reach back more than a thousand years.

Fields Remain a Dream For Replacement Players