Articles by Mark Bendeich

ASEAN Officials Sing, Act for Their Suppers

  • 31 July 06
  • Reuters
It began with a head butt and ended with Asian domination of the world -- and in between U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice played the piano.

For Some Landlords, Banks Are Bad Tenants

  • 28 February 06
  • Reuters
Most landlords would love to own a bit of Wall Street, with a blue-chip bank paying the rent. But not Islamic property investors. For them, a conventional bank cannot be their tenant because it sins against Islam by charging interest on loans, which was banned as usury by the Prophet Mohammed about 1,400 years ago.

Donors Pledge $6Bln for Pakistan

  • 21 November 05
  • Reuters
Quake-stricken Pakistan heaved a sigh of relief on Sunday after world donors pledged almost $6 billion, and vowed in return to account for every cent as it distributes the aid to survivors of last month's tremor.

Bad News For Reuters, 3,000 Fired

  • 19 February 03
  • Reuters
Reuters Group PLC, reported a record loss Tuesday and announced another 3,000 job cuts as part of a new, three-year strategy to revive its fortunes.

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