Articles by Brian Love

Unease as Russia Takes Over World's Rich Club

  • 29 November 05
  • Reuters
Russia passes a milestone on its road to recognition as a world power in January when it takes over the year-long presidency of the Group of Eight industrialized nations for the first time.

Finance Chiefs Battle With Sinking Dollar

  • 19 November 04
  • Reuters
The dollar plunged to a record low against the euro and hit nine-year lows versus a basket of currencies Thursday amid mounting expectations that the world's economic powers will do little to halt its decline.

Russia Mulls Early Debt Repayment

  • 15 September 04
  • Reuters
Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin will discuss the possibility of paying off a chunk of Russia's hefty foreign debt at talks with the head of the Paris Club of creditor governments on Friday, officials said.

U.S. Slams Europe Over Protectionism Hypocrisy

  • 17 May 02
  • Reuters
Sparring over U.S. steel tariffs and farm subsidies spilled into the open at an international meeting in Paris on Thursday when a U.S. official bluntly told Europe to clean up its own act rather than complain about others.

Chirac, Jospin Prepare for Battle

  • 30 January 02
  • Reuters
Rivals Jacques Chirac and Lionel Jospin are psyching up their troops to do battle for the French presidency, ignoring howls of indignation over their refusal to admit publicly they are even running.

Russia Warned on Money Laundering

  • 25 June 01
  • Reuters
An agency waging an international crusade against money laundering has issued an ultimatum to Russia.

Russia Gets Blacklisted For Money Laundering

  • 05 February 01
  • Reuters
An international agency fighting money laundering has put Russian on a list of ""noncooperative jurisdictions"" that have yet to toe the line after warnings last year.

Russia Included on Money Laundering Blacklist

  • 02 February 01
  • Reuters
An international agency fighting money laundering published a blacklist Thursday of banking centres that have yet to toe the line after sanctions warnings last year, including Russia, Lebanon and the Philippines.

Kasyanov Seeks Cash for Energy Deal

  • 20 December 00
  • Reuters
Moscow wants the European Union to back a strategic energy supply partnership by authorizing the European Investment Bank to provide some of the massive funding needed.

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OECD Will Not Rush Russian Bid

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