Articles by Sergei Markov

WWI's Devilish Cocktail Is Mixed Up Again

Just as in World War I, new technologies are on runaway trajectories.

Poroshenko Must Avert War With Russia

The U.S. and European Union have high hopes that Ukraine's recent presidential election will enable it to form a legitimate government based on a popular mandate and extricate itself from the current crisis Ч just as the same process has often helped other countries in the past. Those hopes are understandable.

Europeans Turning Against U.S. and Toward Russia

There is a growing public opinion backlash in a number of EU countries against WashingtonТs extremist politics. Hopefully, more European politicians will listen to their constituencies and adopt a more balanced policy.

Obama Should Act Like M.L. King, Not Khrushchev

At its core, the likelihood that Ukraine will become a U.S. satellite is no less of a threat to Russia's national security as Soviet missiles in Cuba were to the U.S.

After Kiev Coup, the West Will Focus on Moscow

The West's Feb. 22 coup in Kiev was just the appetizer. The main meal will be when the U.S. and Europe support the Russian opposition in its attempt to overthrow Putin and form a Maidan-style government in Moscow.

Russia Must Stop U.S. Expansion in Ukraine

Today, as a result of the Ukrainian crisis, U.S.-Russian relations have hit their lowest point since the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 or of Czechoslovakia in 1969 — or perhaps even since they bottomed out during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Why There Will Be War in Ukraine

If the extremists who seized power in Kiev do not accept Russia's democratic proposals, Russia will likely be forced to revert to military means to solve the crisis in Ukraine.

Putin Scores Gold With Sochi Miracle

The main question in the debate about these Olympics has been whether Russia would be capable of hosting them. Putin has proved Russia can Ч and much more.

Dozhd TV Fomenting a Hipster Revolution

Dozhd TV's problem wasn't that it had a pro-opposition bent. The problem was it came close to supporting revolution.

Europe's Failure in Ukraine

The protests in Kiev have exposed the European Union's political, economic and moral weaknesses.

How Russia and EU Can Build a Greater Europe

Russia is not against a EU-Ukraine union. On the contrary, the Kremlin's Greater Europe idea forsees a close union between the EU, Russia and Ukraine.

EU Agreement Turns Ukraine Into a Concubine

The Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine is meant to weaken Russia.

Russia Must Stop U.S. Aggression

Russia's dream is coming true: The peace-loving people of the world support Moscow's plan for resolving the Syrian crisis.

Navalny's Orange Revolutionary Plans for Russia

I am sure that Russians can stop Navalny's virus from spreading and crippling the nation.

The Myths of Putin's Political Repression

The West has a distorted picture of Russia. What most Western diplomats, journalists, citizens and leaders view as Putin's political suppression is actually part of his liberalization of the political system.

Russia Should Create Private Zones for LGBT

Russia must limit LGBTТs ability to propagandize their lifestyle to protect the majority against an aggressive minority.

Conservative Modernization

Conservative modernization is attractive to Russians for many of the same reasons that a conservative investment strategy is attractive to conservative investors Ч they both provide stable growth with minimal risk.

The Post-Soviet Communication Breakdown

Relations between Russia and the EU countries are gradually slipping into the danger zone of possible conflict. Several processes are unfolding simultaneously that increase the potential for conflict on one hand and the uncertainty of the decision-making process on the other. These points of conflict could have disastrous consequences, especially as the channels of communication between Russia and Europe are down.

A Moscow Perspective on Ukraine's Election

The possibility of widespread unrest in Ukraine is a real threat as the presidential election approaches.

The Future of Managed Democracy

There are three teams in the Kremlin. None of them are opposed to democracy, but each understands democracy in its own way.

Another Chance for a Strategic Alliance

Right now it is the United States that has the biggest interest in improving Russia-U.S. relations.

The Yukos Affair and Putin's 2nd Term

The battle for Putin's second presidential term has already begun. Political commentators have long predicted such a battle, but it seems we got the timing wrong.

Russia Can See Beyond Bush's Cold-War Logic

How one is to explain U.S. actions, its pressure on Russia, including expelling diplomats, receiving Chechen terrorists and refraining from meeting with Vladimir Putin?

ESSAY: Bank Scandal Is Russian Elite's Comeuppance

The Kremlin's Options

Oligarchs Versus Yeltsin

Intelligentsia Can Adapt

U.S. Isolated Over Gulf

Dancing With Duma

New Rules of the Game