Articles by Mark John

Healing of NATO-Russia Ties Meets Resistance

  • 24 November 08
  • Reuters
The United States and Russia have raised doubts about prospects of a fast return to normal ties between NATO and Russia after the Georgian war, despite a European move to restart partnership talks next month.

EU to Restart Talks Despite Concerns

  • 11 November 08
  • Reuters
Only Lithuania refuses to give its blessing to the resumption of negotiations on a wide-ranging partnership agreement.

EU Defers Decision On Partnership Talks

  • 14 October 08
  • Reuters
The sticking point is whether Russia is observing a cease-fire pact in Georgia.

EU Ministers Call for Tougher Russia Line

  • 10 September 07
  • Reuters
The European Union must be tougher in its dealings with a newly assertive Russia during the final months of President Vladimir Putin's rule, EU foreign ministers said.

Heat Holds Tensions in Check in Kosovo

  • 03 September 07
  • Reuters
In the sweltering heat of the Balkan summer, stray dogs cannot even muster a bark as a NATO foot patrol makes its way through the hilltop village of Skorobiste in southwest Kosovo.

NATO to Press Lavrov On U.S. Missile Shield

  • 26 April 07
  • Reuters
The United States will make a new pitch to Russia at NATO talks in Oslo on Thursday over its planned missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, but diplomats doubt there will be any movement from Moscow soon.

NATO Report Warns of Plans for Gas Cartel

  • 15 November 06
  • Reuters
NATO advisers are warning that Russia may be seeking to create a gas cartel stretching from Algeria to Central Asia to use as a political weapon in dealings with Europe, alliance sources said Tuesday.

Ukraine Promises No Gas Disruptions

  • 22 September 06
  • Reuters
Ukraine will have enough gas in storage this winter to avoid any repeat of the disruption caused in January by a dispute between Kiev and Moscow, Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych said Thursday.

Iran Delays Response to Atomic Offer

  • 12 July 06
  • Reuters
Iran rejected Western pressure for an immediate response to an international offer of incentives to suspend uranium enrichment on Tuesday, telling the European Union that the proposal lacked proper legal guarantees.

Unions Set Date for French Law's Repeal

  • 06 April 06
  • Reuters
French trade unions on Wednesday set President Jacques Chirac an April 15 deadline to repeal a disputed youth jobs law, scenting victory amid mass protests and the sliding poll ratings of Chirac's government.

EU Blesses Wolfowitz as World Bank Chief

  • 31 March 05
  • Reuters
European ministers gave the green light Wednesday for U.S. nominee Paul Wolfowitz to take over as head of the World Bank after hearing soothing assurances on fighting poverty from the architect of the Iraq war.

Strikes Cripple French Air, Rail Traffic

  • 27 November 02
  • Reuters
French public sector strikes crippled air traffic and sparked rush hour rail logjams Tuesday, a day after the conservative government dealt firmly with road blockades by truckers.

France's Straight Man Aims for Top

  • 22 February 02
  • Reuters
The time-honored electioneering ritual of baby-kissing is not for France's prime minister and newly declared presidential candidate, Lionel Jospin.

Germans Tell Ruhrgas to Pressure Gazprom on NTV

  • 20 April 01
  • Reuters
A group of German lawmakers urged gas giant Ruhrgas on Thursday to use its stake in Gazprom to persuade the gas monopoly not to interfere with Russia's independent media.

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