Articles by Ed Stoddard

African Oil Nations Fail to Cut Poverty

  • 01 June 05
  • Reuters
Countries like Angola and Equatorial Guinea should be in a headlong rush to affluence -- at least that's how it looks on paper.

Emerging Markets Court Each Other

  • 31 March 04
  • Reuters
Companies from emerging markets are increasingly investing in their counterparts abroad as governments improve their economies, with Africa a main target, analysts said Tuesday.

Emerging Market an Elusive Concept

  • 22 July 03
  • Reuters
What do South Africa, Russia, Mexico and China have in common? Not much, really. Yet all four are lumped into an economic category known as emerging markets.

Leaders Squabble at Earth Summit

  • 03 September 02
  • Reuters
The sound of international disputes over Zimbabwe and Iraq intruded on the Earth Summit on Monday, drowning out calls from children for the leaders of the world to bury their differences for the sake of their future.

Miller Time Declared for $5.6Bln

  • 31 May 02
  • Reuters
South African Breweries PLC agreed Thursday to buy U.S. beer giant Miller Brewing in a $5.6 billion deal to catapult the enlarged group to No. 2 in world brewing behind Anheuser-Busch.

PCB phase-out by 2025

  • 07 December 00
  • Reuters
Russia said Thursday it hoped to phase out its use of dangerous PCBs in electrical transformers by 2025 but could do so more quickly with financial and technical help from international donors.

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