Articles by Mark Trevelyan

Russian Bombs Just Missed Supsa Pipe

  • 01 September 08
  • Reuters
During the conflict with Georgia, Russian planes dropped bombs within 15 meters of a pipeline to the Black Sea that BP was in the process of reopening through the country, witnesses said.

Curator Hides Stalin Mementos

  • 01 September 08
  • Reuters
When Russian bombs began falling on Gori, Robert Maglakelidze made a desperate decision: He loaded his car with a precious consignment and fled along the dangerous road to Tbilisi.

Georgians Pray for Their Country After Defeat

  • 29 August 08
  • Reuters
Georgians flocked to churches Thursday to pray for their country reeling from military defeat by Russia and the secession of two of its provinces.

British Terrorist Suspects Were in Police Database

  • 05 July 07
  • and Michael Holden
British police believe they have arrested the main suspects in an al-Qaida-style bomb plot, some of whom appeared in intelligence databases on radical Islamists, sources close to the investigation said Wednesday.

Experts Hope Hussein Is Tried Fairly

  • 20 October 05
  • Reuters
Can Iraqi judges, in a court established under U.S. occupation, grant a fair trial to their former dictator?

Vector Laboratory Probes the Secrets of Smallpox

  • 02 March 04
  • Reuters
It was one of the world's most deadly plagues, and some fear it might again be unleashed on mankind if bio-terrorists could get their hands on the virus.

Kudrin: Putin Win Will Boost Reforms

  • 26 January 04
  • Reuters
Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Saturday that a big election win for President Vladimir Putin would provide a strong new impulse for radical economic reform.

ResearchersDrilling for Antarctica's Secret Past

New Zealand to Sue France Over Tests

Duma Backs Serbia, Opposes NATO

Moscow Condemns Lithuania's NATO Bid

Presidents Put 'Bitter' Past Behind In Poland

  • 26 August 93
  • Reuters

G-7 Nations Offer Up Huge Loans

  • 16 April 93
  • Reuters