Articles by George Jahn

Focus on Ex-Western Leaders Working for Despots

  • 05 March 11
  • The Associated Press
One is in the pay of Kazakhstan's autocrat. Another endorsed elections held by the man dubbed Europe's last dictator. A third contradicted his own president by declaring that Egypt's Hosni Mubarak should stay in power.

Gas Pipeline Summit Faces Tough Choices

  • 27 January 09
  • The Associated Press
Beyond cloaking parts of Europe in winter's icy grip, the two-week cutoff of Russian gas to Europe has exposed another chilling threat -- Russia's strategic energy clout and the West's limited options.

Ruble Hurt as Foreigners Ditch Weak Stocks

  • 07 August 08
  • The Associated Press
The ruble staged its biggest percentage fall versus the euro-dollar basket since mid-May on Wednesday, as a sharp sell-off on the Moscow bourse prompted foreign investors to repatriate their cash.

EU to Put Limit on 'Noise' of Orchestras

  • 10 September 07
  • The Associated Press
Shhhh! Mute the brass, and please -- go easy on the cymbals.

UN Freezes Iran Aid Programs

  • 09 March 07
  • The Associated Press
A 35-nation meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Thursday approved the suspension of 22 nuclear technical aid projects to Iran as part of UN sanctions, as Tehran defiantly said the move would not stop it from enriching uranium.

UN Nuclear Agency Meets to Discuss Iran

  • 06 March 07
  • The Associated Press
Key members of the UN atomic watchdog agency Monday gathered for a session on approving the suspension of dozens of technical aid programs to Iran as part of Security Council sanctions meant to punish Tehran for its nuclear defiance.

Progress in Talks Over Iran's Nuclear Program

  • 12 September 06
  • The Associated Press
A senior U.S. envoy on Monday welcomed progress at talks meant to defuse a standoff over Iran's nuclear defiance, but said the UN Security Council still intended to move forward toward sanctions if Tehran refused to freeze uranium enrichment.

Europeans Mull Giving Iran Reactor

  • 17 May 06
  • The Associated Press
Key European nations are considering offering Iran a light-water reactor.

IAEA Says Iran Deal Is Still Feasible

  • 07 March 06
  • The Associated Press
The optimism is believed to be linked to a confidential Russian proposal.

IAEA Arrives in Iran for Inspections

  • 13 February 06
  • The Associated Press
Inspectors from the UN nuclear watchdog agency were in Iran on Sunday to evaluate what controls remained on nuclear sites and equipment after Tehran reduced the agency's monitoring power to a minimum, diplomats said.

IAEA Board Inches Toward Referring Iran to UN

  • 03 February 06
  • The Associated Press
International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei warned Thursday that the dispute over Iran's nuclear program was ""reaching a critical phase"" as his organization moved toward almost certain referral of Tehran to the UN Security Council.

Austria to Return to Heir Artwork Stolen by Nazis

  • 18 January 06
  • The Associated Press
Austria will honor an arbitration court decision and give five precious Gustav Klimt paintings to a California woman who says the Nazis stole them from her Jewish family, a government minister said Tuesday.

Russia Frustrated With Iran

  • 18 November 05
  • The Associated Press
Russia is increasingly frustrated with Iran's reluctance to reduce international fears about its nuclear agenda and that anger is helping the United States and other nations seeking to refer Iran to the UN Security Council, diplomats said Thursday.

ElBaradei, IAEA Win Peace Prize

  • 10 October 05
  • The Associated Press
Mohamed ElBaradei prides himself on remaining cool under pressure, but he showed unusual flashes of emotion on learning that he and his International Atomic Energy Agency had won the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.

IAEA Chief Discourages Iran's Referral

  • 20 September 05
  • The Associated Press
The chief UN nuclear inspector on Monday urged an end to confrontation over Iran's atomic program, and suggested talks over differences should take precedence over U.S. and European threats to send Tehran to the UN Security Council.

U.S. Calms Surging Oil Prices

  • 01 September 05
  • The Associated Press
Crude oil prices turned lower Wednesday, after a top U.S. energy official said the government would release oil from its reserves.

Katrina Sweeps Oil Over $70

  • 30 August 05
  • The Associated Press
Crude oil futures briefly surged past $70 per barrel for the first time Monday as Hurricane Katrina barreled toward the heart of U.S. oil operations in the Gulf of Mexico, shutting down an estimated 1 million barrels of refining capacity.

Crude Hovers at $65 as Iraqi Exports Stop

  • 23 August 05
  • The Associated Press
Oil prices fell but held above $65 per barrel Monday as saboteurs forced Iraq's southern pipeline exports to a halt but Ecuador partially resumed crude production.

Opposite Fringes Form Odd Alliance in Vienna

  • 16 June 05
  • The Associated Press
Even for one of Europe's quirkier capitals, it was a bizarre spectacle: a far-right politician who has questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers noshing on salmon pate at a bar mitzvah and tapping his foot to wildly pulsating Hasidic music.

OPEC Agrees to Boost Output

  • 17 March 05
  • The Associated Press
Looking ahead to strong demand next winter, OPEC ministers on Wednesday agreed to immediately start pumping an extra 500,000 barrels of oil per day and held out prospects of a similar boost later if needed.

Oil Hits 7-Week High Amid Supply Concerns

  • 19 January 05
  • The Associated Press
Oil prices surged above $49 per barrel Tuesday -- their highest levels since the end of November -- amid plunging temperatures in the United States and fears of supply cuts.

Iran Agrees to Nuclear Freeze; Doubts Remain

  • 30 November 04
  • The Associated Press
An Iranian official appeared to cast doubt Monday on his country's latest commitment to a total suspension of nuclear activities capable of producing weapons-grade uranium, saying Tehran had not gone beyond agreeing not to test centrifuges that are part of the program.

Iran Seeks Rollback on Eve of Meeting

  • 25 November 04
  • The Associated Press
Iran sought on Wednesday to roll back its commitment to fully freezing uranium enrichment programs, demanding the right to run some equipment that can be used to produce nuclear arms.

Iranian Group Says That Secrets Remain

  • 18 November 04
  • The Associated Press
Iran bought blueprints of a nuclear bomb from the same black-market network that gave Libya such diagrams, and continues to enrich uranium despite a commitment to suspend the technology that can be used for atomic weapons, an Iranian opposition group said Wednesday.

Iran Faces Tough Measures by UN

  • 14 September 04
  • The Associated Press
Iran's refusal to fully give up uranium enrichment -- and banish suspicions it is interested in nuclear arms -- set the stage for a confrontation at a key UN atomic watchdog agency meeting Monday, with the United States lobbying its allies to have Tehran hauled before the Security Council.

IAEA Report: Iran Admits Importing Centrifuge Parts

  • 03 June 04
  • The Associated Press
In a reversal, Iran has acknowledged importing parts for advanced centrifuges that can be used to enrich uranium, the UN atomic watchdog agency said in a confidential report obtained by The Associated Press.

Austria Elects Left-Wing President

  • 27 April 04
  • The Associated Press
A Social Democrat has won the presidency over a conservative backed by right-wing firebrand Joerg Haider, giving a leftist the post of Austrian head of state for the first time in 31 years.

Pakistan Suspected as China-Libya Middleman

  • 17 February 04
  • The Associated Press
Drawings of a nuclear warhead surrendered by Libya as part of its decision to renounce weapons of mass destruction are of 1960s Chinese design but likely came from Pakistan, diplomats and experts said.

Khan Case Deals Blow to Nuclear Black Market

  • 04 February 04
  • The Associated Press
The nuclear black market that supplied Iran, Libya and North Korea is small, tightly knit and appears to have been badly hurt by the exposure of its reputed head, the father of Pakistan's nuclear program, diplomats and weapons experts said.

U.S., Europe Reach Agreement on Iran

  • 26 November 03
  • The Associated Press
U.S. and European negotiators agreed on how to condemn Iran for hiding its nuclear programs while still encouraging it to cooperate with the UN atomic agency.