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More Adventures in Sochi

Friday, Feb. 14. 08:00. After a short week at work, I play "hooky" and head back to Sochi early Friday morning. Domodedovo Airport security is much more vigilant than at Sheremetyevo the week before, and they confiscate my tiny toothpaste and lip balm. The flight is clearly an Olympic "fan bus" and predominantly Russian.

My Great Sochi Adventure

Friday, Feb. 7., 7:00. Arrive at SVO. Check-in with no line, and security is faster than usual. Aeroflot employee tells me that Sochi flights take priority over others. She is correct, and we depart on time.

Enough Already About Security for Sochi

We are receiving an almost daily bombardment of security warnings about the Sochi Olympics from the U.S. State Department, various U.S. military agencies and members of Congress. Many of them are appealing for a larger U.S. role to help protect the Games and those attending.

How to Turn Sochi Into a Top Tourist Spot

Nothing damages Russian tourism more than its costly, time-consuming and self-defeating visa regime. Let the tourists in, while happily accepting their rubles.

How to Entice More Tourists

The economic impact of tourism is too big to ignore, but unfortunately Russia is doing just that.
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