Articles by Jill Serjeant

Not Everybody Loves Raymond in Russia

  • 04 May 11
  • Reuters
"Everybody Loves Raymond" — or so the show's creator had reason to think before he went to Moscow to help adapt a Russian remake of his hit television comedy. But when he got there, Phil Rosenthal quickly discovered that the Russians didn't share his taste for the absurdity of everyday family life.

Veterans Turn to Parrots for Healing

  • 04 June 07
  • Reuters
A dog may be a man's best friend. But for some traumatized war veterans, parrots are proving even more of a help. Rescued and abused parrots are helping veterans turn their lives around in a unique program launched at a Los Angeles Veterans Affairs facility.

New Book Provides Men With an Excuse

  • 03 October 03
  • Reuters
It's the universal question on many women's lips. ""What could he be thinking?"" she shrieks or sighs or sulks at her husband, boyfriend or son.

'Inhumane' Conditions for Muslims

  • 23 December 02
  • Reuters
Hundreds of Muslim men and boys are being subjected to strip searches in freezing, standing room only detention centers in southern California after being arrested for routine visa irregularities, immigration lawyers said.

U.S. Jails Immigrants as They Come to Register

  • 20 December 02
  • Reuters
Hundreds of Middle East citizens are in southern California jails after coming forward to comply with a new rule to register with immigration authorities only to wind up handcuffed and behind bars.

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