Articles by William J. Kole

Ardor for Obama Cools Abroad

  • 20 January 09
  • The Associated Press
Barack Obama got a global standing ovation long before he was elected president. But in a fickle and fast-moving world, the overseas reviews are already turning mixed.

Kosovars Declare Their Independence

  • 18 February 08
  • The Associated Press
Kosovo's parliament declared the disputed territory a nation on Sunday, mounting a historic bid to become an ""independent and democratic state"" backed by the U.S. and key European allies but bitterly contested by Serbia and Russia.

Kazakhstan, Georgia Targeted for Internet

  • 30 July 07
  • The Associated Press
Kazakhstan and Georgia are among countries imposing excessive restrictions on how people use the Internet, a new report says, warning that regulations are having a chilling effect on freedom of expression.

Kurt Waldheim, Former UN Leader, Dead at 88

  • 15 June 07
  • The Associated Press
Former UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, who was elected Austrian president despite an international scandal about his secretive World War II military service for the Nazis, died Thursday. He was 88.

Kosovo Talks End in Deadlock

  • 12 March 07
  • The Associated Press
A year of contentious talks on the future status of Kosovo has ended in a bitter deadlock over a United Nations plan that would set the disputed Serbian province on the road to independence.

New EU States Keep Ties to U.S.

  • 28 September 06
  • The Associated Press
The European Union is getting bigger and brasher, but newcomer nations say they are tied as much to Washington as to Brussels.

Bush Faces Criticism From EU

  • 22 June 06
  • The Associated Press
The U.S. president and EU leaders tackle an array of issues in Vienna.

OMV Agrees to $17Bln Merger

  • 11 May 06
  • The Associated Press
Petroleum giant OMV said Wednesday that it would acquire major Austrian electric company Verbund for about 13 billion euros ($16.5 billion), forming a major Central European power company.

Terrorists Recruiting Bosnia's White Muslims

  • 18 April 06
  • The Associated Press
His code name was Maximus, and he held secret meetings in a shabby room at the Banana City Hotel on the gritty outskirts of Sarajevo.

Blair Warns of 'Evil Ideology'

  • 18 July 05
  • The Associated Press
British Prime Minister Tony Blair has warned of the ""evil ideology"" of Islamic extremists bent on inflicting terror as authorities on three continents widened their investigations into the London bombings.

Ratzinger of Germany Is Elected Pope

  • 20 April 05
  • The Associated Press
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, the Roman Catholic Church's leading hard-liner, was elected the new pope on Tuesday evening in the first conclave of the new millennium by cardinals intent on sticking to conservative policy.

Cardinals Assemble to Vote for Pope

  • 19 April 05
  • The Associated Press
The conclave's members have cut off all contact with the outside world as they meet to elect a successor to Pope John Paul II.

A Flash of Old Form From Walesa, Havel

  • 29 November 04
  • The Associated Press
Eastern Europe's lions in winter have rediscovered their roar.

Radio Liberty in Controversial Revamp

  • 23 November 04
  • The Associated Press
Ronald Reagan used it to reach out to the Soviets during the Cold War. Lech Walesa, the leader of Poland's Solidarity movement, likened it to the sun lighting the Earth. Rock band R.E.M. immortalized it in a cynical hit song.

Coalition Members Mull Iraq Pullout

  • 05 November 04
  • The Associated Press
U.S. President George W. Bush's ""coalition of the willing"" in Iraq isn't quite so willing any more.

For Some, Gold Medals Lead to Easy Street

  • 19 August 04
  • The Associated Press
There's less than $100 worth of gold in the most-coveted of Olympic medals, but winning one can mean hitting the jackpot -- especially for athletes from developing countries.

Economic Iron Curtain Drops With a Thud

  • 08 April 04
  • The Associated Press
The new Europe lies tantalizingly close to Tamila Vasilchenko -- so close she can walk through a bleak border post to sell candy on a roadside in neighboring Slovakia.

Despite Hostile Public, U.S. Can Count on Allies

  • 20 March 03
  • The Associated Press
U.S. President George W. Bush's ""coalition of the willing"" is a conflicted alliance: Its political leaders want to help disarm Saddam Hussein by force, but many of their people want no part of it.

NATO Chief Struggles With the Media

  • 25 November 02
  • The Associated Press
He has the armies of Europe under his command, but NATO Secretary-General Lord Robertson had a tough time marshaling journalists to clear a room.

Russian Composer Pens a Sept. 11 Musical

  • 10 September 02
  • The Associated Press
Sergei Dreznin knows it's risky to debut a musical about Sept. 11 on the anniversary of the attack. It's like presenting such a show about the Holocaust in 1946.

Life Getting Tougher for Eastern Europe's Gypsies

  • 09 April 02
  • The Associated Press
A small boy shimmies up a utility pole, gingerly grabs an insulated cable pulsing with high voltage and connects it to his home: a cube of corrugated iron sheets in Bulgaria's largest Gypsy slum.

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