Articles by Michael Georgy

Iraqi Minister Warns of 'Civil War'

  • 26 February 06
  • Reuters
Iraq's defense minister warned on Saturday of a ""civil war"" that ""will never end"" and said he was ready to put tanks on the streets as sectarian violence flared despite a second day of curfew in Baghdad.

Attacks Fail to Disrupt Iraqi Election

  • 16 December 05
  • Reuters
Only scattered insurgent attacks marred Iraq's election on Thursday as disaffected Sunni Arabs joined in the vote, determined to have more say in government.

Hussein's Defense Stages Walkout

  • 06 December 05
  • Reuters
Saddam Hussein's defense team stormed out of court shortly after his trial resumed on Monday when the judge refused to rule on their motion challenging the court's legitimacy and a protest erupted over security.

Defiant, Scornful Hussein Pleads Not Guilty

  • 20 October 05
  • Reuters
The trial is adjourned until Nov. 28 as judges grant the defense more time to review 800 pages of evidence against the Iraqi leader.

Fallujah Fails to Deter Insurgents

  • 18 November 04
  • Reuters
American mortars pummeled parts of Fallujah on Wednesday as troops hunted for guerrillas still fighting in the Iraqi city after nine days of bombardment.

Rebel Keep Up Attacks as Fallujah Is Secured

  • 16 November 04
  • Reuters
U.S. warplanes, artillery and mortars attacked areas across Fallujah on Monday as die-hard insurgents held out to the last in the weeklong battle.

Tanks Close In on Najaf Shrine

  • 23 August 04
  • Reuters
U.S. tanks advanced to within 800 meters of the Imam Ali mosque in the Iraqi city of Najaf on Sunday after talks on surrendering control of the shrine at the center of an 18-day siege ran into trouble.

Sadr Rejects Demands to Leave Shrine

  • 20 August 04
  • Reuters
Fierce fighting erupted in the city of Najaf on Thursday after a rebel Shiite cleric defied an Iraqi government threat to attack his stronghold in a holy shrine and rejected demands that he end his uprising.

Sadr Agrees to Withdraw From Shrine

  • 19 August 04
  • Reuters
The leader of a Shiite uprising in Iraq agreed Wednesday to leave a holy shrine encircled by U.S. Marines, hours after the interim government threatened to storm it and drive out his fighters.

Interim Iraqi President Named

  • 02 June 04
  • Reuters
Iraqi leaders cut a face-saving deal on Tuesday with the United States and United Nations on a president and government to lead the country out of occupation.

U.S. Searches Target Iraqi Donkeys

  • 27 November 03
  • Reuters
Since guerrillas used donkeys to outwit the high-tech defenses of the U.S. military in Iraq, the life of the beast of burden has never been so miserable.

Iraq Closes Al-Arabiya Offices

  • 26 November 03
  • Reuters
Iraqi police shut down the Baghdad offices of a main Arab television station Monday, and the country's Governing Council said legal action would be taken against it for inciting violence.

UN to Reopen, U.S. Nabs 'Chemical Ali'

  • 22 August 03
  • Reuters
The United Nations will resume operations in Iraq on Saturday, a top official said, despite the truck bomb attack on its headquarters that killed 24 people including the top UN envoy in the country.

Amnesty: U.S. Abusing Rights

  • 22 July 03
  • Reuters
Amnesty International accused U.S. troops Sunday of ""very severe"" human rights abuses in Iraq and complained that it had been denied access to thousands of prisoners held without charge in ""appalling"" conditions.

Israel's Russian Oil Pipe on Track

  • 21 November 02
  • Reuters
The company running Israel's controversial Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline said Wednesday it was on track to pump Russian oil through it in June next year.

OPEC Declines to Boost Crude Output

  • 20 September 02
  • Reuters
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries agreed Thursday to maintain severe restraints on oil production for the fourth quarter to keep crude prices riding high, despite worries among consumer nations about the impact of high energy costs on the world economy.

Israeli Pipe May Carry Russian Crude Supplies

  • 12 July 02
  • Reuters
Russian oil could soon be flowing through a pipeline partly built by Iran and alleged by traders to have handled Iraqi crude in the most unlikely of places -- Israel.

Strike Kills 2 Militants, Bethlehem Talks Begin

  • 24 April 02
  • Reuters
Israeli and Palestinian negotiators agreed to meet to try to end a lengthy standoff at Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity on Tuesday, and an overnight Israeli missile strike killed two militants.

OPEC Lacks Ready Cure for Oil Prices

  • 26 September 01
  • Reuters
OPEC producers on Tuesday offered no immediate remedy for a collapse in crude prices that threatens to ruin the cartel's successful two-year strategy of keeping oil in a high price band.

Iran Projects No Rise In OPEC Outputs

Shell, Iran Sign $800M Oil Development Deal

Gulf Oil Firms Shrug Off Price Slump

Israeli Forces, Hezbollah Trade Attacks in Lebanon

Violence Sullies Yemen Elections

Gulf Arabs Alarmed Over U.S.,Iran Tension

Saudi Militants Seen As Increasing Threat

Arabs Swept by Net Fever

Arab Court Sentences Maid To 100 Lashes, Jail for Slaying

Maid Death Sentence Outrages Philippines