Articles by Richard Waddington

Iran Considering Nuclear Offer

  • 23 June 06
  • Reuters
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Thursday that Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki had told him Tehran was seriously considering an offer of incentives aimed at defusing a dispute over its nuclear program.

WTO Rules Against EU Ban on Biotech Food

  • 09 February 06
  • Reuters
The World Trade Organization ruled on Tuesday that the European Union and six member states had broken trade rules by barring entry to genetically modified crops and foods.

'Wise Men' Urge WTO Revamp

  • 18 January 05
  • Reuters
Top-level political involvement, including regular summits, could help inject more dynamism and efficiency into the World Trade Organization, a body once dubbed ""medieval,"" according to a report Monday.

WTO Raps EU Over Sugar Subsidies

  • 06 August 04
  • Reuters
Brazil, Australia and Thailand won a clear victory against the European Union on Wednesday in a row over sugar subsidies that could have a big impact on world farm trade talks, Brazilian officials said.

WTO Strikes Historic Trade Deal

  • 02 August 04
  • Reuters
Rich and poor nations struck a historic deal Sunday to slash billions of dollars in farm subsidies, create more open industrial markets and revive stalled world trade talks that could boost global growth.

WTO Admits Iraq as an Observer

  • 12 February 04
  • Reuters
World Trade Organization countries Wednesday admitted Iraq's interim administration as an observer, the first step toward full membership of the Geneva-based body.

Drug Deal Boosts Trade Talks

  • 01 September 03
  • Reuters
A ground-breaking agreement Saturday to ease poor countries' access to vital medicines has given a much-needed boost to troubled negotiations on freeing up global trade just days before a crucial summit.

U.S. Loses $4Bln WTO Ruling

  • 02 September 02
  • Reuters
The European Union won approval Friday to slap a record $4 billion in sanctions on the United States over illegal U.S. export tax breaks, scoring a key victory against its giant trading partner.

WTO Rules for EU in $4Bln Spat With U.S.

  • 16 January 02
  • Reuters
The World Trade Organization has ruled against Washington in a dispute with the European Union over tax breaks for exporters, opening the way for Brussels to seek some $4 billion in retaliatory duties.

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