Articles by Nidal al-Mughrabi

Hamas Claims Victory as Israel Exits

  • 04 March 08
  • Reuters
Israeli troops pulled out of the Gaza Strip on Monday after a U.S. appeal to rescue peace talks and end days of fighting that have killed more than 100 Palestinians.

Hamas Militants Occupy Gaza City

  • 15 June 07
  • Reuters
Hamas fighters on Thursday raised the green flags of the Islamist movement over one of the last Gaza City bastions of forces loyal to Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, witnesses said.

Chaos in Gaza Nurtures The Seeds of Al-Qaida

  • 04 June 07
  • Reuters
A man sits alone, clad in red by his captors, addressing the camera. The Internet video is adorned with the symbols of radical Islam. So far, so familiar.

Tenuous Gaza Cease-Fire Falters

  • 31 January 07
  • Reuters
Gunmen shot dead a Hamas commander in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday and the Islamist group blamed a Fatah-dominated security service for the first killing in the territory since a cease-fire went into effect overnight.

Blair in Gaza as Cease-Fire Falters

  • 19 December 06
  • Reuters
British Prime Minister Tony Blair met moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday to lend him support after a shaky truce between Abbas' forces and the Hamas government took effect in the Gaza Strip.

Fatah Official Gunned Down

  • 18 December 06
  • Reuters
Abbas' call for new elections sparks violent reprisals from the majority Hamas party.

Tens of Thousands Grieve Gaza Deaths

  • 10 November 06
  • Reuters
Palestinians vow revenge for the deaths of 18 civilians killed in an Israeli tank shelling.

Fear in Gaza Breeds Hamas-Led Militia

  • 10 October 06
  • Reuters
They call themselves the ""Executive Force"" of the Hamas-led government. Rivals prefer ""Black Militia"" or Peshmerga -- a word that literally means ""those who face death"" but is used by some Gazans for a gun-for-hire.

Palestinian Leaders Close to a Unity Government

  • 12 September 06
  • Reuters
Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas said Monday that he was close to agreeing on a unity government with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, which Palestinians hope will lead to a lifting of Western sanctions.

Militants Give Israelis an Ultimatum

  • 04 July 06
  • Reuters
It rejects the demands, including a call for 1,000 prisoners to be released.

Israel Sends Ground Forces Into Gaza

  • 29 June 06
  • Reuters
Prime Minister Olmert threatens ""extreme steps"" if a soldier is not freed.

Hamas Postpones Showdown Over Israeli Recognition Vote

  • 21 June 06
  • Reuters
The ruling Hamas militant group Tuesday delayed a parliamentary showdown with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas over his call for a referendum on statehood, saying it wanted to allow more time for dialogue.

Hamas Submits Cabinet to Vote

  • 28 March 06
  • Reuters
Hamas called Monday for talks with Western powers to try to reach a ""just peace"" in the Middle East but showed no sign of softening its stance on Israel as it presented its government to the Palestinian parliament.

West Bank Strikes After Seizure

  • 16 March 06
  • Reuters
Palestinians went on strike across the Gaza Strip and the West Bank on Wednesday and vowed a wave of demonstrations against Israel's seizure of the leader of a militant group from a Palestinian jail.

Hamas Refuses to Name PM

  • 14 February 06
  • Reuters
Hamas said on Monday that it had chosen one of its leaders to be the next Palestinian prime minister after a landslide victory in parliamentary elections, but refused to name him.

Israel Lobs Missiles Into Gaza

  • 29 September 05
  • Reuters
Israel launched missile strikes that knocked out power to thousands of Palestinians in Gaza on Wednesday as it pressed an offensive to halt cross-border rocket fire two weeks after its withdrawal from the strip.

Israel Hands Gaza to Palestinians

  • 13 September 05
  • Reuters
Jubilant Palestinians planted flags on the rubble of Jewish settlements and set synagogues ablaze on Monday as Israeli troops pulled out of the Gaza Strip after 38 years of occupation.

Abbas Defiant on Order to End Militant Attacks

  • 20 January 05
  • Reuters
Palestinian security forces will fan out near Gaza's borders with Israel within days to enforce President Mahmoud Abbas' order to halt militant attacks on Israelis, their top commander said Wednesday.

Gaza Attacks Resume After Poll

  • 12 January 05
  • Reuters
Palestinian militants resumed rocket and mortar fire at Jewish settlements in Gaza on Tuesday, throwing down the gauntlet to newly elected Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and his call for calm to talk peace with Israel.

Israel Launches Missile Strikes on Gaza Workshops

  • 06 July 04
  • Reuters
Israeli helicopter gunships fired missiles into metal foundries in the Gaza Strip late on Sunday after a day of renewed violence in which three Palestinians and an Israeli settler were killed.

Israel Strikes Gaza After Cross-Border Rocket Attack

  • 30 June 04
  • Reuters
Israeli tanks firing machine guns thrust into Gaza on Tuesday, killing one Palestinian militant in a retaliatory raid for the first deadly cross-border rocket strike from the strip that Israel plans to abandon.

Israel Assassinates Leader of Hamas

  • 23 March 04
  • Reuters
Israel assassinated Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin on Monday, striking its heaviest blow against the Palestinian Islamic militant group behind dozens of suicide bombings and provoking threats of revenge.

Israel Pursues 'Relentless Offensive' in Gaza

  • 18 March 04
  • Reuters
Israel killed four Palestinians in two missile strikes into a Gaza refugee camp Wednesday, pursuing what it called a relentless offensive against militants after two suicide bombers struck a strategic Israeli port.

Violence Flares Up Amid Peace Talks

  • 24 December 03
  • Reuters
Israeli troops and tanks swept into a Gaza Strip refugee camp on Tuesday, killing seven Palestinians hours after an ambush cost Israel its first two dead soldiers in a month of relative calm that has spurred peace efforts.

Arafat: A Truce Is in the Offing

  • 27 June 03
  • Reuters
Palestinian President Yasser Arafat said Thursday that an agreement by militant groups to suspend attacks on Israelis was imminent, but militants denied a truce was at hand.

Army Swoops Kill 9 in Gaza Strip

  • 18 March 03
  • Reuters
Nine Palestinians, including a 4-year-old girl, were killed during Israeli swoops in the Gaza Strip on Monday that touched off fierce battles with gunmen.

12 Palestinians Dead in Gaza Raid

  • 27 January 03
  • Reuters
Israel killed 12 Palestinians on Sunday in its deepest thrust into Gaza City in two years of fighting, a show of strength underlining Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's tough security policy two days before an election.

Israeli Army Kills 12 Palestinians

  • 08 October 02
  • Reuters
Israeli forces killed 12 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Monday, including 10 who died when a helicopter missile hit a crowd, in a raid that sapped confidence for a new international peace effort.

UN Demands Halt to Israeli Assault

  • 25 September 02
  • Reuters
The Israeli army killed nine Palestinians on Tuesday in one of its biggest raids in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Soldiers Kill 5 Ahead of U.S. Talks

  • 08 August 02
  • Reuters
Israeli forces killed at least five Palestinians in military attacks in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Wednesday and detained the Bethlehem chief of a militant group that has carried out dozens of suicide bombings.