Articles by Alan Elsner

Bush Tells Hussein He Has 48 Hours

  • 19 March 03
  • Reuters
Saddam Hussein on Tuesday rejected an ultimatum to leave Baghdad as the world awaited a U.S.-led onslaught on Iraq that could start within 24 hours despite fervent opposition from many nations.

Besieged Taliban City Heads for Showdown

  • 16 November 01
  • Reuters
U.S. special forces hunted for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan on Thursday, as 20,000 of his Arab supporters and Taliban protectors were surrounded in the northern city of Kunduz, facing the prospect of a fight to the death.

Pentagon Sterilized After Anthrax Found

  • 06 November 01
  • Reuters
U.S. aircraft maintained their relentless assault on Afghanistan's ruling Taliban on Monday as traces of anthrax showed up at the Pentagon, one of the targets of the Sept. 11 hijack attacks on the United States that plunged the world into crisis.

Gore Is Biggest Winner From Peace

Dole Dishes Dirt Before Final Debate

Gore Judged Winner in VP Face-Off

Clinton Rides Rails to Convention

Slumping Dole LookingFor 'Convention Bounce'

Candidate Dole Is 'Bugged' by Rival Gramm

Democrats See Turning Tide in State Victories

U. S. 'Encouraged' At START Talks

  • 29 December 92
  • Reuters

Back to the Cold War? Kozyrev Startles West

  • 15 December 92
  • Reuters