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Once a car maker has established an image, it's very difficult to change. Even if the manufacturer wants to shift the market position of its products, the is no guarantee that customers will be convinced -- indeed, there is every chance they will desert the marque in search of that which they previously found satisfactory. Volvo is one of the rarities -- a car maker which is bucking the trend. Yes, the safety reputation remains, and always will, but from there on in, it's all change. The process that started with the 850 has moved forward once again with the new S40 saloon and V40 ""touring"" station wagon. Competing in the increasingly fiercely fought upper-medium sector of the market -- that's slightly posh family cars in the real world -- the two cars are more than just another product for Volvo. ""These cars represent one more step in our aim to become the world's most desired specialist car maker,"" explained Richard Snijders, senior product manager for Volvo Cars.

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