Articles by Dean Yates

Temporary Iraqi Flag Causes a Flap

  • 28 January 08
  • Reuters
The Iraqi parliament's move to adopt a new, temporary national flag has provoked an outcry, with one city refusing to fly it and ordinary Iraqis attaching the old flag to their cars in a silent protest.

Maliki Extends Olive Branch to Insurgents

  • 05 March 07
  • Reuters
Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Sunday told insurgents to accept an olive branch or face a security crackdown that will cover every inch of Iraq.

Bomber Kills 22 at Baghdad College

  • 26 February 07
  • Reuters
Guards stop the bomber in the lobby, but are unable to prevent the attack.

Baghdad Bombing Leaves 135 Dead

  • 05 February 07
  • Reuters
About 1,000 people have been killed across Iraq in the past week, figures show.

Israelis Take Interest in Neighbors

  • 16 May 06
  • Reuters
Split by religion and the Jewish state's new barrier, residents of two adjoining towns try to live in peace.

Kadima Expects Victory in Israeli Vote

  • 29 March 06
  • Reuters
Israelis voted Tuesday in an election seen as a referendum on uprooting some West Bank settlements while enlarging others to impose Israel's final borders if peacemaking with the Palestinians stays frozen.

Indonesia Offers Talks With Free Aceh Rebels

  • 20 January 05
  • Reuters
Indonesia offered on Wednesday to hold talks with rebels in tsunami-hit Aceh, hoping to ease security fears in a stricken province where the president said 40,000 people were still missing after the Dec. 26 disaster.

Iraq Assembly Sends Delegation to Najaf

  • 17 August 04
  • Reuters
Iraqis meeting to pick an interim national assembly sent a delegation to the holy city of Najaf on Monday in an attempt to convince a radical Shiite cleric to end a bloody conflict with U.S. troops.

Casualties Mount Around Baghdad

  • 04 November 03
  • Reuters
At least four Iraqi civilians, including an 11-year-old boy, were killed in fresh bloodshed in Iraq in the wake of the deadliest single strike on U.S. forces since they invaded to oust Saddam Hussein.

Tensions Ease in Seoul, Talks Progress

Opposition Rejects Kim's Debate Offer

Seoul Government Spurns Debate Offer

Roh, Tycoons Charged With Bribery