Articles by Jovana Gec

Djindjic's Party Chooses Successor

  • 17 March 03
  • The Associated Press
A day after Serbia buried its slain prime minister, Zoran Djindjic's top associates nominated Sunday his likely successor.

70 Reputed Mob Figures Held in Djindjic's Killing

  • 14 March 03
  • The Associated Press
Police hunting for the assassins who killed Serbia's prime minister detained two of Slobodan Milosevic's former senior security chiefs Thursday and rounded up more than 70 suspected mob figures.

Failed Poll Triggers Political Crisis

  • 10 December 02
  • The Associated Press
Serbia headed for a major political crisis after it failed for a second time to elect a president and the top contender, Yugoslav President Vojislav Kostunica, said he would not recognize the outcome.

Danube Poisoned by Romanian Cyanide Spill

Milosevic Plays Down Protests

Milosevic Opposition Steps Up Protests

Milosevic Seeks Split In Opposition Ranks

Low Turnout Invalidates Yugoslav Polls

Serbian Opposition Suffers a Final Split

Plavsic, Karadzic Factions Agree to 3 Pivotal Elections

Karadzic Loyalists Lash Out At Plavsic

Plavsic Foils Opposition Rally Attempt

West Finds Peculiar Ally In Former Hawk Plavsic

Ousted as Party Chief, Plavsic Vows to Fight

Serbs Pressure UN Forces With Bomb Blasts, Posters

Bosnian Serbs Enraged Over War Crimes Arrests

Irregularities Tarnish Croat Elections

Belgrade Marchers Keep Pressure On

Belgrade Opposition Still Wary Before Vote

Opposition Outlines Next Move In Belgrade

Ruling Socialists File Lawsuit Against Belgrade Vote Verdict

Local Serb Panel Rejects Concessions

Serbian Church Condemns Milosevic

Karadzic Ends State of War, Excepts Sarajevo