Articles by Yaroslav Lissovolik

It's Not All About High Oil Prices

The key economic priority in Russia is to maintain the high economic growth rates that it has achieved over the past eight years, and recent growth performance has certainly been encouraging. There are reasons to believe that this growth will remain high despite further shocks from global financial turbulence. This is due to the shift in the country's development from fragmentation to integration. The repatriation of capital and labor resources, the decrease in the size of the shadow economy and the country's increased role in the global economy are prominent examples of the country's integration, all of which played a major role in its post-1998 growth performance. This ""integration theory"" challenges the traditional view that high oil prices were the predominant reason for the country's economic expansion.

Tackling the Problem of Economic Inequality

U neven development, as reflected in political polarization, geographical and ethnic diversity, the minuteness of the middle class and sectoral imbalances, is a defining feature of Russian history.

The Building Blocks of Stronger Trade

Russia is not taking full advantage of its foreign trade potential. It needs to join the WTO first and only then worry about regional ties.

Dusting Off a Difficult Amnesty

Last week, at the start of a meeting in the Kremlin with business leaders, President Vladimir Putin came out with an important initiative on property rights: to reduce the Civil Code's statute of limitations on privatizations -- that is, the period after a privatization deal in which it can be legally challenged -- from the existing 10 years to three years.

Smoother Sailing for the Good Ship Russia

The fleet of the world economy appears to have weathered well the storms of last year, which were characterized by high commodity prices, persistent global macroeconomic imbalances and lingering geopolitical concerns.

Finding Courage to Cut

Targeting Monopolies

Let Russia Enter WTO

Who's to Blame for Wage Arrears, Strikes?

Cost of Fiscal Populism

A Little Regional Cheer

Populist Land Reforms

Russian Arrears Troika

Skeptics Carp, but Corridor Does Job