Articles by Grant McCool

Vietnamese Suffer 'Sticker Shock'

  • 29 January 08
  • Reuters
Every time Vietnamese factory worker Nguyen Thi Ha goes to the supermarket, she finds that prices on the shelves have climbed, evidence of a country facing its highest inflation rate in more than a decade.

Vietnam's Insects Hit the Spot

  • 26 September 06
  • Reuters
Would you like your crickets deep fried and crispy? Peppered and presented in a neat circle on a bed of green leaves?

Vietnam Braces for WTO Entry

  • 16 May 06
  • Reuters
Vietnam's small economy faces harsh competition and other challenges after a trade deal with the United States put it on the threshold of the World Trade Organization, economists and businessmen said on Monday.

Big Apple Gets Back to Work Without a Hitch

  • 19 August 03
  • Reuters
Financial markets and businesses in New York opened without a hitch Monday in the first big test for the power supply in parts of the United States and Canada since last Thursday's blackout.

Rosenberg Son Revisits Spy Trials

  • 19 June 03
  • Reuters
Professionally adrift at 41, Robert Meeropol woke up in the middle of the night with an idea that would ultimately bring him the ""sweetest revenge"" for what he believes was the U.S. government's wrongful execution of his parents.

Kasparov, Deep Junior End Game 5 in Tie

  • 07 February 03
  • Reuters
Chess great Garry Kasparov and the chess-playing computer Deep Junior remain deadlocked at 2 1/2 games a piece going into Friday's final.

Kasparov Draws First Blood Over Junior

  • 28 January 03
  • Reuters
World No. 1 Garry Kasparov crushed the champion computer program Deep Junior in his trademark aggressive style Sunday in the first game of their six-game ""Man vs. Machine"" match in New York.

A City, Nation and World Mourn Sept. 11

  • 11 September 02
  • Reuters
Cultural events, funereal ceremonies and candlelight vigils will reflect on the loss of more than 2,800 people on September 11, 2001.

Probe Points to Mechanical Failure

  • 14 November 01
  • Reuters
Mechanical failure was the most likely cause of the American Airlines crash into a New York neighborhood that killed 260 people on the plane and at least five on the ground, but sabotage could not be completely ruled out, investigators said Tuesday.

Deep Blue Uses 'Torture' To Tie Up Kasparov, 1-1

Choppy Seas Hinder Search for Clues to Blast

Bronx Bombers Mull Move to Manhattan

Kasparov Risks It All For Match With IBM