Articles by David Brown

Lakefront Property ... on Titan?

  • 01 August 06
  • The Washington Post
It has taken nine years, hundreds of millions of dollars and a huge amount of effort, but planetary scientists have finally found another place with topography quite like Earth's.

Gas Probably a Veterinary Sedative

  • 11 November 02
  • The Washington Post
The gas used to subdue terrorists and their hostages in a Moscow theater two weeks ago most likely was an aerosol form of an extremely potent narcotic normally used to used to sedate big game animals.

Soviets Had Smallpox Outbreak

  • 17 June 02
  • The Washington Post
In the summer of 1971, the Soviet Union apparently conducted an open-air test of a biological weapon containing the smallpox virus. The experiment caused a smallpox outbreak that killed three people and required a massive vaccination campaign to confine it to a port on the Aral Sea, in Kazakhstan.

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