Articles by Douglas Farah

Ex-Khodorkovsky Ally in U.S. Custody

  • 12 January 04
  • The Washington Post
A week before Christmas, Homeland Security agents pulled a well-dressed Russian couple from their vehicle at a tollbooth near the Canadian border, where they were hoping to seek political asylum.

Sources: New Leaders Are Steering Al-Qaida

  • 30 October 02
  • The Washington Post
With Osama bin Laden and his chief lieutenants dead, captured or on the run, al-Qaida's operations are being directed by a handful of combat-hardened veterans.

Terrorist Trail Blazed With Gold

  • 18 February 02
  • The Washington Post
Just as the United States and its allies swept toward Afghanistan's main cities last autumn, the ruling Taliban and al-Qaida network sent waves of couriers with bars of gold and bundles of dollars across the porous border into Pakistan.

Point of No Return

Congress to Hear Kid's Tale of Capital Flight

Russian Gangs Ally With Drug Cartels

U.S. Probes Mexico Agency's Drug Ties

Haitians Rue U.S. Soldiers' Departure