Articles by Susan Schmidt

Sources: New Leaders Are Steering Al-Qaida

  • 30 October 02
  • The Washington Post
With Osama bin Laden and his chief lieutenants dead, captured or on the run, al-Qaida's operations are being directed by a handful of combat-hardened veterans.

Andersen in Settlement Talks With Enron, SEC

  • 17 April 02
  • The Washington Post
Lawyers for Enron Corp. employees and investors were scheduled to meet in New York on Tuesday with representatives of Arthur Andersen LLP in an effort to reach a settlement with the weakened accounting giant.

Andersen's Main Enron Man to Turn Witness

  • 10 April 02
  • The Washington Post
David B. Duncan, a central figure in the federal investigation into Arthur Andersen LLP and Enron Corp., has agreed to plead guilty in Houston on Tuesday and become a cooperating witness in the government probe.

Andersen to See Obstruction of Justice Charge

  • 13 March 02
  • The Washington Post
Federal prosecutors have told Arthur Andersen LLP that they intend to charge the firm with obstruction of justice for failing to prevent document shredding after company officials learned Enron Corp.'s accounting procedures were the subject of lawsuits and a federal inquiry.

Enron Auditor Offers Settlement of $750M

  • 01 March 02
  • The Washington Post
Arthur Andersen is pushing hard to settle all claims over its Enron audits, offering a total payment of $750 million to cover civil lawsuits and seeking to persuade the U.S. Justice Department not to indict the firm.

Enron's Lay Refuses to Testify

  • 05 February 02
  • The Washington Post
Former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay on Sunday night abruptly canceled a much anticipated appearance Monday before a U.S. Senate panel in the wake of a scathing report on the management failures and self-dealing that led to his company's spectacular collapse.

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