Articles by Evelyn Iritani

China Rises on Back of Cheap Labor

  • 25 November 02
China's embrace of capitalism, coupled with an abundance of cheap labor and the collapse of international trade barriers, has sparked an explosion of manufacturing.

Hard Economic Winter Kicked Off on Sept. 11

  • 27 September 01
The ailing global economy suffered a blow Sept. 11 that is likely to slow growth to the lowest levels in perhaps two decades as jittery companies from New York to Tokyo are forced to hibernate during what is expected to be a hard winter, according to financial experts.

Regional Deals Flourish as WTO Fails

Revolt Against Arrogance

Death of a Private Club

Emigres Follow Hearts Back to Hong Kong

HONG KONG -- There have been times when Norman Quan has wondered whether he made the right decision: To leave his parents and a well-paid job as a financial controller. To leave his condominium in Los Angeles and those lonesome stretches of four-lane freeway where he could speed to his heart's content. To leave a place where he could hold up a protest sign and not worry about landing in jail. But Quan has always known why he decided to come back to this longtime British colony just three years before its return to mainland China. ""My mom and dad said I was nuts to return to Hong Kong,'' says the 43-year-old, who now manages an import-export company. He was born in a small village in southern China, raised in Hong Kong and educated in California. ""I told them ... 'I love the States, but my heart is still in Hong Kong and China.'"" While other Hong Kong residents sought a refuge abroad for themselves and their money, Quan was one of thousands who chose this time of historic uncertainty to come home.

Economically, Hong Kong Already Part of China

Hong Kong Directors See China Opportunity

China's Market, Not Mao, Shakes World

China Surpasses Japan In U.S. Trade Surplus

Japanese Women Flee Glass Ceiling

China Missiles Rattle Taiwan Markets

U.S. Labor Wins a Rare Victory