Articles by Joe McDonald

Exploring New Ways to Sell Arms to China

  • 30 November 06
  • The Associated Press
For a decade, China has been the financial savior of Russia's arms industry, spending freely on fighter jets, submarines and other high-tech weapons. That buying binge is trailing off as Beijing, its immediate needs met, shifts to trying to develop its own advanced weapons.

Russia Out in Force at China Show

  • 31 October 06
  • The Associated Press
Russia's aerospace companies were out in force as the world's aircraft makers gathered Monday for China's biggest air show, looking to the booming Chinese market to drive sales as their industry's growth slows elsewhere.

China's Wal-Marts Rapidly Unionizing

  • 08 August 06
  • The Associated Press
Employees at two more Wal-Mart stores in China have formed unions, raising the total number to four amid efforts by labor officials to have the U.S. retail giant's 60 Chinese outlets unionized, an official newspaper reported Monday.

China Must Develop Slowly, President Says

  • 25 July 06
  • The Associated Press
Chinese President Hu Jintao called Monday for more efforts to control sizzling economic growth and spread the benefits of China's boom to the poor, Chinese state media reported.

Web Firms Pressured by China, U.S.

  • 16 February 06
  • The Associated Press
Internet companies facing hearings Wednesday before angry U.S. lawmakers said they could not resist China's effort to censor the web on their own. But industry analysts said that even if Washington tried to enforce free-speech standards, it was likely to have little effect.

China's Foreign Reserves Soar to Record $820Bln

  • 17 January 06
  • The Associated Press
China's foreign currency reserves rose 34 percent last year to a record-high $818.9 billion amid surging exports, state media reported Monday.

Harbin Restores Water as Toxins Pass

  • 28 November 05
  • The Associated Press
The Chinese city's officials warn that the water is still not drinkable, while the benzene slick inches downstream toward Russia.

Chinese Eye Britain's Marconi in a Possible $1Bln Takeover

  • 09 August 05
  • The Associated Press
Huawei Technologies, China's biggest maker of telecommunications equipment, is considering buying Britain's Marconi in the latest foreign takeover bid by a Chinese company, news reports said.

Chinese to Sell $200Bln of Shares in State Firms

  • 21 June 05
  • The Associated Press
The Chinese government plans to convert its stakes in 42 major state companies into shares that can be publicly traded and hopes to raise up to $200 billion by selling blocks of stock, state media said Monday.

China Refuses to Apologize for Protests

  • 18 April 05
  • The Associated Press
China refused Sunday to apologize for three weekends of sometimes violent anti-Japanese demonstrations that have damaged Tokyo's Beijing embassy and a consulate.

China Mourns Death of Zhao

  • 18 January 05
  • The Associated Press
Zhao Ziyang, the former Communist Party leader who helped launch China's economic boom but was ousted after sympathizing with the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protesters, died Monday in a Beijing hospital. He was 85.

China Urged to Swap Bikes for Cars

  • 10 June 04
  • The Associated Press
U.S., European and Asian automakers showed off their newest SUVs, most lavish sedans and priciest roadsters at China's biggest auto show Wednesday, trying to woo buyers in the world's fastest-growing car market.

China Urged to Reform Quickly

  • 29 October 03
  • The Associated Press
U.S. Commerce Secretary Don Evans on Tuesday urged China to move faster to meet market-opening commitments, warning that lack of progress is fueling sentiment in the United States to restrict Chinese imports.

'Hero' Lies Low After Historic Trip

  • 23 October 03
  • The Associated Press
Astronaut Yang Liwei, the icon, is everywhere in China, lionized in the state-run press not only as the country's first man in space, but also as an elite pilot, a star student and Communist Party member, a devoted family man -- a ""national treasure,"" as one colleague is quoted as saying.

Death Toll From SARS Hits 100 Worldwide

  • 08 April 03
  • The Associated Press
Deaths worldwide from severe acute respiratory syndrome reached at least 100 Monday, as China revealed that fatalities have been much more widespread than it had previously reported.

China's First Astronauts Train for Takeoff

  • 22 May 02
  • The Associated Press
Training in secret, a dozen fighter pilots are getting ready to make history as China's first astronauts.

China's Future Leader Steps Into the Spotlight

  • 01 November 01
  • The Associated Press
He's getting star treatment in Europe. President Vladimir Putin took time to discuss terrorism. Queen Elizabeth is giving him a private audience at Buckingham Palace.

AOL Time Warner to Hit Chinese TV

  • 24 October 01
  • The Associated Press
AOL Time Warner is taking Chinese state television into American homes in a deal announced Monday that makes the company the first foreign broadcaster given direct access to Chinese audiences.


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