Articles by Katy Daigle

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Banks Bailed Out With State Loans

Moscow's Love for Paper Leaves Firms Swamped

MBA Applications Soar as Job Market Sours

Deputy: Russia Can't Repay Foreign Debt

Squabbles Spoil Rally In Moscow

Bleak Economic Figures Released by Government

Maslyukov Moderate On T-Bills and Ruble

Domestic Beer Fears Alcohol Controls

Premier Says Russia Won't Limit Dollars

Central Bank Chief To Let Ruble Float

Primakov Appoints Another Tax Chief

2nd Bank Swap Clears 10.6Bln Rubles of Debt

Stern Words For Foreign Creditors

Market Baffled By Rise Of Ruble

Intervention by State Bolsters Weak Ruble

Trading Of Ruble Closed Down

Debt Swap Wipes Banks' Slates Clean

Ruble Slides as Russia Readies Presses

Ruble Exchange Rate Crashes by 10 %

Wage Arrears Top Premier's Agenda

Ruble Soars but Analysts Predict Fall

INDUSTRIES IN TURMOIL: Dollar Loans Choke Telecoms

Dollar Selling Firms Up Ruble

Dubinin Defends His Resignation

The Way Out

Sistema's Success Was Caution, Sheer Luck

Close EncountersUFO Hunters of the Steppe

SBS-Agro Put Under Central Bank

Unashamed Kiriyenko Said Goodbye to Miners