Articles by Jeffrey Sachs

Egyptians Deserve Their Elected Government

Putting an end to Egypt's deepening polarization and rising bloodshed requires one urgent first step: the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsi as Egypt's duly elected president. His removal by military coup was unjustified.

The Secret Behind Turkey's Economic Miracle

A recent visit to Turkey reminded me of its enormous economic successes during the past decade. The economy has grown rapidly, inequality is declining, and innovation is on the rise.

Obama Gives Hope for an Era of Progressive Politics

Maybe Obama marks the end of the "Reagan Revolution" and the start of a progressive era.

The World's Future Is a Matter of Human Choice

If the world takes on a new growth pattern, we can spread prosperity while saving the planet.

How to Keep Global Order Amid U.S. Decline

The annual spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have provided a window onto two fundamental trends driving global politics and the world economy.

Most Successful Economies Are in Scandinavia

We live in an era in which the most important forces affecting every economy are global, not local. What happens abroad in China, India and elsewhere  powerfully affects even an economy as large as the United States. 

Prolonging Iraq's Agony

  • 16 September 03
  • Financial Times
President George W. Bush's request for $75 billion for operations in Iraq signals the United States' intention to sustain its military occupation for the indefinite future.

A Russia Built On Sand

Plan to Revive Reforms