Articles by Peter Ekman

Son of Shock Therapy

With the replacement of the Gazprom CEO, investors are starting to notice economic reforms in the works.

Info Without Borders

Russians are right to worry that some of their national culture will get lost when so much ""cultural"" programming is under the control of multinational media conglomerates.

It's All About Debt

The constantly repeated premise that the takeover of NTV is purely political and has nothing to do with Media-MOST's debts or financial condition is demonstrably wrong.

End of the Era of Great Expectations

U.S.-Russian relations are set to begin a new phase with new faces on both sides. Whether this phase lasts four years or 10 years, January 2001 will have been a turning point.

Russia Seeks An Ideology You Can Sing

When I arrived in Russia in 1993, I expected to see a revolution: a complete turnaround in society and a new ideology of freedom. There was nothing of the sort.

Firms Need More Than Just a Code

The corporate governance code that the Federal Securities Commission has been asked to compile will only be a small step toward forming effective businesses in this country.

More Than Turkey and Cranberries

Thanksgiving can be and even should be celebrated by people of any religion Ч or of none Ч on any date and in any country.

Just Ivanovize When There Is Nothing to Say

The act of passing off meaningless sentences at length is difficult to label in English. Of course, all schools have students who do it, but KGB schools actually teach it.

Some Lessons in Messy Democracy

The most important effect of the U.S. presidential election for Russia may be the attention it's received.

Passports Are the Root of All Evil

The Russian government wouldn't know how to govern without internal passports.

Academic Excellence in School 132

How do Russian students excel in all of the toughest subjects when there are so many problems?

Pseudo-Banks Must Go Way Of All Flesh

The economic policy of President Vladimir Putin administration's has gotten off to a roaring start.

Media-MOST Saga Just Bad TV

Media-MOST as a business is dead. Dead as a doornail.

Government Must Show It Is Trustworthy

Can the Russian government keep its promises? Despite recent event, this issue is still unresolved.

American Journalistic СMalpracticeТ

There have been many negative stories to report in Russia, and these stories deserve continued coverage.

Gref Can Use PSAs to Shape Economic Lift

Vladimir Putin showed his decisiveness Ч or was it his foolhardiness? Ч last weekend on Sakhalin Island.

Can Schools Adapt to New Era's Realities?

For the last decade, the nation's system of higher education has faced disaster.

Discriminatory Foreigner's Tax Hurts All

Price discrimination against foreigners is one of the most disgusting business practices in this country.

Luxury Low But Class High In Provinces

A tourist in Moscow might think that he's being taken for a ride Ч and not just on a tour bus.

Pushkin Blast Highlights Police Failings

Nothing shows how bad the nation's ""law-keeping organs"" are than a major crime such as Tuesday's bombing.

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