Articles by Dmitry Zaks

Israel Urges Russia to Save Peace 'Map'

  • 10 June 03
  • Agence France Presse
Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom urged Russia to use its Arab ties to rescue the Middle East peace process by convincing Palestinians to end strikes against Israel.

Navy Steel Sold to Build New Russians' Houses

Wrong Stuff for Kremlin, Right Stuff for Mir

Chechen Premier's Departure Official

Nemtsov Says Miners Cannot Ruin Russia

Russia Protests Seoul Expulsion

10,000 Mourners Pay Respects to Rokhlin

Family: Rokhlin's Wife Was Framed

General Rokhlin Shot Dead in Sleep

Senior Minister Asks Miners to End Strike

Coal Miners Stop Trains Once Again

NEWS ANALYSIS:No One Sure if Yeltsin Can Decree Crisis Plan

Court Envoy Fired For Yeltsin Remarks

Zyuganov Threatens To Block Program

Mobile Clinic Stymied By Parking Problems

President's Income Jumps to $325,000

EU, U.S. Ambassadors Leave Minsk in Protest

President Gives Local Leaders a Kick

NEWS ANALYSIS:Kiriyenko Lobbies, Referees Oligarchs

Yeltsin Claims Success With Milosevic

Russia Slams NATO, Welcomes Milosevic

Moscow Refuses to Validate Altai Poll

Yeltsin Using Kosovo as Lever on UN

Minsk Evictions Stir Up Ambassador Row

U.S. Reviewer Pans Kokh's Pricey Book

Lebed Sworn In as Krasnoyarsk Chief

Lebed Sworn In as Krasnoyarsk Chief

President Summons His Politburo of Oligarchs

Yeltsin Scolds Chairman Of Constitutional Court

Enlivened President Stands by Cabinet