Articles by Pat Milton

Wild West Has Passed, But Not Its Marshals

  • 17 April 07
  • The Associated Press
The cowboy hats and horses are long gone, distant memories of a Wild West frontier where justice was dispensed by U.S. marshals named Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp.

FBI Closes Case on TWA Accident

FBI Finds No Foul Play in TWA Crash

Flying Tests Probe Jet Explosion

FBI: Flight 800 Radar Blip Was Navy Plane

FBI Seizes TWA Flight 800 Radar Tape

FBI: Bodies Support Front Bomb Theory

TWA Investigators Hunt Key Piece of Metal

TWA Tape Points to Bomb in Crash

TWA 'Black Boxes' Brought Up Intact

Key Jet Explosion Clues Still Rest on Ocean Floor

Wife Charged in Emigre's Axe Murder