Articles by William Maclean

In Cyber Era, Human Factor Keeps Spies at Work

  • 05 July 10
  • Reuters
Using humans for spying in place of Internet hacking may seem arcane. But human spies can do things hackers cannot, like spotting human frailties that can be exploited, analysts said.

Britain Reverses Retreat From Africa

  • 30 June 05
  • Reuters
The list of influential Britons in Africa is long: high-profile businessmen, broadcasters and sports stars; lower-profile mercenaries, arms brokers and spies.

Africa Buries OAU, Heralds New Union

  • 09 July 02
  • Reuters
African leaders gave a state funeral to their Organization of African Unity on Monday but were quickly warned against complacency by United Nations chief Kofi Annan.

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