Articles by Lynn Berry (MT)

Maximova, Legendary Ballerina, Dead at 70

  • 29 April 09
  • The Associated Press
Legendary ballerina Yekaterina Maximova, who graced the stage of the Bolshoi Theater for 30 years, died Tuesday. She was 70.

Kadyrov Defends Honor Killings

  • 02 March 09
  • The Associated Press
The bull-necked president of Chechnya emerged from afternoon prayers at the mosque and with chilling composure explained why seven young women who had been shot in the head deserved to die.

Putin Tries Satellite Device on His Dog

  • 20 October 08
  • The Associated Press
Russia was the first to put a dog in space. Now, 50 years later, it has brought space to a dog, and not any dog but Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's own beloved black Labrador.

Putin Takes Yeltsin's Pen and Some Clout

  • 12 May 08
  • The Associated Press
When Boris Yeltsin left the Kremlin eight years ago, he gave Vladimir Putin the pen he had used to sign important documents and decrees, a gesture symbolizing the transfer of power to the new president.

Kudrin Says Gold Can Save the World

  • 24 January 08
  • The Associated Press
Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Wednesday that Russia and other countries with large gold and currency reserves could help the world economy weather the current crisis.

Behind Putin's Estonia Complex

Nothing seems to make President Vladimir Putin angrier these days than Estonia. 

Making Threats

I have a confession. I went to Saturday's opposition rally, but I had been deceived by the morning's sunshine and was wearing only a light jacket, so after listening to the first speeches, I ducked into a nearby coffee shop with a friend to warm up.

Oil Means Big Things for a Small Town

If Khanty-Mansiisk were a country, it would be the second-largest oil producer in the world after Saudi Arabia.

WTO Stalemate Said to Undermine Putin

By failing to reach an agreement with Russia on its accession to the World Trade Organization, the United States is undermining President Vladimir Putin and strengthening the hand of the siloviki, a senior Kremlin official said Thursday evening.

More Putin, Less Laughs

Russians have reason to be afraid of making fun of the president.

Another Little Example of the Power of Cartoons

In preparation for the WAN conference, the Russian Guild of Print Publishers asked The Moscow Times to produce a magazine with the theme ""Russia: Beyond the Headlines.""

Russia's Future, Pinchuk's Lunch

The World Economic Forum is a strange place, where members of an elite but eclectic global club meet for five days in a Swiss ski resort to hold structured discussions on high-minded topics and, of course, to schmooze.

Investors Find Only Gref at Davos

The economic development and trade minister attends many sessions but skips the main Russia event.

Russia Will Always Be on His Radar Screen

After four years as American ambassador, Alexander Vershbow leaves a very different Moscow.

The Story of Who Got Married on Santorini

IOA, Greece -- Men in years past went to the barbershop for the latest news and gossip, so I suppose I should not be too embarrassed to say that I first heard the buzz of this picturesque town on the island of Santorini while getting a pedicure there last week. Learning that I was from Moscow, the Greek-Australian woman doing the pedicure said, ""Oh, President Putin's daughter got married here a couple of weeks ago.""

Ukraine's President Takes the Stage

The comparisons are inevitable. A year ago, it was the newly elected Mikheil Saakashvili who came to Davos to announce ambitious plans for transforming his country. Bursting with boyish energy, he seemed almost giddy from suddenly finding himself among world leaders curious to meet the young Georgian president.

A Foreign Investor Pitches for Russia at Davos

As the World Economic Forum makes headlines in all the major international papers this week, the only splash of interest in Russia so far has been generated by the ever-upbeat born salesman Bill Browder.

A Coming Out Party at Davos

Before the three almost-oligarchs walked in out of a snowy night, Georgian President-elect Mikheil Saakashvili was addressing a small dinner at the World Economic Forum of about two dozen people, including some involved in a pipeline being built across Georgian territory and other potential investors.

Putin the Stabilizer or Transformer?

In her new book, ""Putin's Russia,"" Lilia Shevtsova puts together the pieces of the puzzle that make up President Vladimir Putin.

Putin the Stabilizer or Transformer?

In her new book, ""Putin's Russia,"" Lilia Shevtsova puts together the pieces of the puzzle that make up President Vladimir Putin.

Davos Is Different Place In 2003

No matter what the planned agendas at the WEF, in so many of the sessions the discussion turned to Iraq.

How the News Is Made at The Moscow Times

One thing that makes The Moscow Times newsroom special is that it is filled with such different people who somehow form a cohesive whole.

Investors Discuss the Russian Rip-Off

Talk at a U.S.-Russia Business Council conference last week in Washington was all about how to prevent investors from being ""ripped off"" in Russia.

Russia Roars Back to Grab 2nd Place

Russia scooped up 12 gold medals over the weekend to finish a close second to the United States.

Famed Surgeon Killed In Crash

Liberals Line Up Behind Yavlinsky

ESSAY: A Special Martini Toast to a 'Baptized' Horse

A Day at the Hippodrome

Russia in the Ribbons

Leaping Irishman Wins $60,000 Mayor's Cup