Articles by Sujata Rao

State Welcomes All to Lift Oil Output

  • 02 June 05
  • Reuters
Russia plans licensing rounds for several hundred offshore and onshore oil blocks for both local and foreign firms in order to stem slowing crude production growth and boost reserve replacement rates, a senior official said Wednesday.

Hurdles Loom in LNG Race

  • 15 March 05
  • Reuters
Gazprom must move faster with a major Arctic liquefied natural gas project if it is not to miss a narrow window of opportunity to supply the increasingly competitive U.S. market, analysts say.

Oil Exploration Seen as a Key to Growth

  • 15 February 05
  • Reuters
Russian oil companies must embark on more exploration and production from new ""greenfield"" oil sites if they are to sustain the rapid production growth rates of recent years, analysts say.

IEA Slashes Forecast for '05 Oil Output

  • 11 February 05
  • Reuters
Russian oil output, which has grown 50 percent in six years, fell for the fourth straight month in January, strengthening signs of a sharp slowdown in growth this year, the International Energy Agency said Thursday.

Most Oil Experts Say Prices Will Fall in '05

  • 23 June 04
  • Reuters
Most oil price pundits expect prices to moderate from current 21-year peaks next year and to fall further by 2010, assuaging fears that crude is in a new high-price era, a poll found Tuesday.

Yukos Keen on Chinese Win in Bid for Slavneft

  • 10 December 02
  • Reuters
A CNPC victory could help speed up a $1.7 billion plan to link Siberian oilfields with markets in China.

European Hunger for Russian Gas Hurts U.S.

  • 01 November 02
  • Reuters
U.S. home heating oil prices are in danger of rising sharply this winter as Europe's increasingly hungry motor-fuel markets compete for supply from Russia, analysts said Thursday.

Russian Oil Heads to America

  • 11 October 02
  • Reuters
Around 3.6 million barrels of crude are set to sail to the United States this month, continuing the trend that is establishing Russia as a valuable energy source for the world's largest oil consumer.

Low Airfares Worry Environmentalists

  • 27 June 02
  • Reuters
London publisher Peter Cole does some business in Cornwall but couldn't face the four-hour train ride to the southwest tip of England. This month, he flew down on a budget airline's new flight -- at a fraction of the cost of a rail ticket.

IEA Urges Tariff Hikes to Lure Billions

  • 07 March 02
  • Reuters
Russia's vast energy sector requires sweeping economic reform to attract the $550 billion to $700 billion of investment needed over the next 20 years to fuel economic growth and maintain vital oil and gas exports, a new report said Wednesday.

Gas Oil Prices Plunge as Fuel Floods Market

  • 18 February 02
  • Reuters
Europe's oil market is cruising for another bruising with large volumes flooding the market.

Old Guard Keeps Miller at Bay

  • 31 October 01
  • Reuters
Gazprom head Alexei Miller is still facing an internal struggle from the gas giant's previous management

Oil Majors Gushing Over Gas Pipeline Reform

  • 27 July 01
  • Reuters
As a long monopoly over the gas pipeline network slowly slips from Gazprom's hands, oil companies are gleefully eyeing the sector with a view to expanding gas production.

LUKoil Sees Bitech as Global Expansion Platform

  • 20 July 01
  • Reuters
LUKoil's recent acquisition of Canada's Bitech Petroleum was another move to expand global assets.

Kukes Vows to Return Chernogorneft

  • 19 July 01
  • Reuters
A high profile battle over a Siberian oil producer involving oil major BP will be resolved by the end of July, Russia's No. 4 crude producer Tyumen Oil Co. said Wednesday.

Energy Sector Sees Profit in China Talks

  • 17 July 01
  • Reuters
China's vast population, galloping economy and high demand for oil has Russia's oil producers salivating.

Kasyanov: Gazprom Units to Be Separated

  • 12 July 01
  • Reuters
Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov said Gazprom's production units would be split from transportation.

Tea Holds Its Own, Coffee Catches Up

  • 27 April 01
  • Reuters
Russia's huge tea market is under attack from growing coffee consumption, but industry players say the trend is unlikely to overturn shoppers' traditional preference for tea.

Itera Chief Denies Stripping Gazprom Assets

  • 02 April 01
  • Reuters
Russia's mysterious private gas trader Itera revealed some details of its ownership structure Friday and reiterated that gas giant Gazprom owned no part of its shares.

Energy Giants Take Global Strides

  • 06 March 01
  • Reuters
Russia's giant energy firms, armed with cash stockpiles from the oil price rally, are on the march with acquisitions in mind Ч from the United States to Ukraine.

Aral Sea Region Starved of Water

  • 13 October 00
  • Reuters
The plight of the people surrounding the Aral Sea is not improving, say scientists, as what was once a fertile area becomes less and less habitable.

Putin and CIS Partners Vow to Boost Security

  • 12 October 00
  • Reuters
Russia vowed on Wednesday to work with five of its ex-Soviet allies to boost security in Central Asia.

Bio-Weapons: A Poor ManТs A-Bomb

  • 15 August 00
  • Reuters
Forget the atom bomb. Something just as lethal could be brewing in a neighborhood garage.

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